Confusion reigns at Chicago abortion center as patient chokes on vomit

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Operation Rescue obtained a shocking series of 911 calls about an incident at the Family Planning Associates abortion facility in Chicago, Illinois. The first call, placed at 1:15 pm on January 29, 2019, reveals that a 29-year-old patient was aspirating vomit following an abortion procedure.

The caller from Family Planning Associates tell the dispatcher, “We need an ambulance for a patient who is post-surgical procedure who is aspirating.” When asked if the patient is struggling to breathe, the caller says the patient’s pulse oximeter reading is just 75. As Operation Rescue notes, normal pulse oximeter readings are between 95 and 100.

The caller seems to recognize the seriousness of the situation, saying, “Please come quickly! I would appreciate it.”

Yet, just minutes later, the Family Planning Associates caller contacted emergency responders again to cancel the ambulance.  The caller states, “Patient sats [pulse oximeter readings] are up. She’s recovered. She’s much better. We’re going to just watch her here.”

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Apparently, the patient recovered from emergent danger but did not want to cooperate with abortion facility staff to address the serious health risks of aspirating her own vomit. Less than an hour after the canceled ambulance, another caller from Family Planning Associates called to request an ambulance “as soon as possible.”

The caller states, “We have a patient who’s trying to leave AMA [against medical advice] who actually needs to go to the hospital and have an evaluation.” The caller explains, “She aspirated during her procedure. She is awake and breathing, yeah. She is yelling. I’m surprised you can’t hear her.”

From the 911 calls, it appears the patient likely recovered from the life-threatening complications following an abortion procedure. Evidently, she was nonetheless very upset with the staff and wanted to leave against the medical advice of the abortionist. In this instance, facility staff likely prevented her from leaving for fear that, like her preborn baby, she would die.

Other abortion facilities have locked women inside to coerce them to undergo an abortion or turned hemorrhaging women out on the street to call 911 for themselves. All of these instances demonstrate that the abortion industry is not safe for women, and especially not for preborn children.

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