From Alfie to abortion survivors: Live Action News' Top 10 of 2018
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From Alfie to abortion survivors: Live Action News’ Top 10 of 2018

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Live Action News has covered a number of stories in 2018. Some are joyful celebrations of life, and some are tragic stories of abortion and of heartbreaking loss. But all of them reinforce the idea that human beings in the womb should be valued as part of the human family, no matter the circumstances, and should be welcomed in life.

Below is a review of our Top 10 most read articles of the year:

#10: Father of Alfie Evans: ‘Not even an animal would be treated like this’ – After UK toddler Alfie Evans was forcibly removed from life support against his parents’ wishes, the hospital deprived him of nutrition for nearly a full day though he continued to breathe on his own.

#9: Texas abortionist said to have ‘twisted’ living babies’ heads off their necks – Staffers from Texas abortionist Douglas Karpen’s facility say he committed grisly late-term abortions — and if babies were born alive, he would “twist[] the head off the neck.”

#8: Hospital removes Alfie Evans’ life support against parents’ wishes – UK toddler Alfie Evans was forcibly removed from life support against his parents’ wishes, even though another hospital offered to treat him for free.

Alfie Evans

Alfie Evans

#7: Pregnant from rape, mom chooses life: He isn’t my rapist’s baby, he’s mine – Pat was raped as a teen, but gave birth to her son and married a wonderful man who raised him. She now operates a nonprofit that helps women and children in crisis.

#6: Horrific: Abortionist admits to killing 37-week-old, full term preborn baby – Late-term abortionist Susan Robinson admitted that sometimes ultrasounds to date a preborn baby’s gestational age aren’t accurate. In one case, she thought the baby she was aborting was 32 weeks, but turned out to be 37 weeks (full term) once she examined the baby’s aborted body.

#5: 16-year-old boy with cancer uses his Make a Wish to ask for an end to abortion – Jeremiah Thomas, a pro-life activist teen who passed away from osteosarcoma in late August 2018, used his Make a Wish to speak by phone to Texas Gov. Greg Abbott. He asked the governor to end abortion in the state. Gov. Abbott replied, “Your wish is on the Republican party platform position and that’s what we’re going to be pursuing this next legislative session and that is to outlaw abortion altogether in the state of Texas. And so your wish is granted.”

Jeremiah Thomas is using his dying wish to end abortion in Texas

Jeremiah Thomas uses dying wish to end abortion in Texas (Facebook)

#4: Former Planned Parenthood medical director: ‘I killed more people than Ted Bundy’ – Former abortionist Kathie Aultman reflects on how she used to be “fascinated” by the remains of aborted children, but eventually realized “that just because the child wasn’t wanted, that was no longer justification enough for me to do the procedure.” She compares herself to a serial killer, and says that as an OB-GYN, it is “a joy” to meet children they delivered. “But it’s bittersweet,” she says, “because I think about all the people I will never meet because I aborted them.”

#3: Twin infants die after hospital refuses to save them despite mother’s pleas – A mother says medical staff told her they’d save her babies if they were born no earlier than 22 weeks and five days gestation. When they were born on that exact date, she says doctors refused to help her sons, Emery and Elliot, “though the boys moved, breathed, and even cried.” Video included.

Baby Elliot was born premature and doctors refused to help him.

Baby Elliot was born premature and doctors refused to help him.

#2: Mom’s photos of ‘perfect’ 14-week miscarried son have saved other babies – Mother of 11, Sharran Sutherland, shared photos of her perfectly formed baby boy, Miran, miscarried at 14 weeks. Sharran’s story has been viewed more than 400,000 times in just two months. Miran was about four inches long, with a “fully-formed face, hands, feet, and even fingernails.”

#1: Heartbreaking: Infant who survived abortion cried while he was left to die – This article, viewed more than 660,000 times in just three months, tells the story of Sofia Khan, who chose to abort her son Mohammed at 21 weeks because he had spina bifida. But he was unintentionally born alive and crying — the injected feticide intended to stop his heart didn’t work — and his stunned mother held him until he died, being deemed too premature to survive.

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