Former Planned Parenthood president knew ‘a baby has been conceived’ at fertilization

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In a recent Live Action News article, researcher Carole Novielli wrote about former Planned Parenthood president Alan Guttmacher, who played a pivotal role in making Planned Parenthood the pro-abortion giant it is today. It was under his leadership that Planned Parenthood began committing abortions in 1970.

But Guttmacher knew that life begins at fertilization, despite his pro-abortion advocacy. In 1950, he wrote:

At the exact moment when a new life is initiated (fertilization), a great deal is determined which is forever irrevocable – its sex, coloring, body build, blood group, and in large measure its mental capacity or emotional stability.2

Fourteen years later, in 1964, two years after being appointed as Planned Parenthood’s president, he wrote:

Fertilization, then, has taken place; a baby has been conceived. After conception occurs, the egg attaches itself to the wall of the womb where it grows nine months until the baby is ready to be born.1

Planned Parenthood knows when life begins

More recently, in 2018, Planned Parenthood released the educational video, “How Do I Talk With My Kid About Where Babies Come From?” which says:

With younger children you can keep it simple and direct. For example, you can say “A baby grows in a parent’s belly and comes out of their vagina.”… If they ask, “How does the baby get in the belly?” you can say something like, “Most women have tiny eggs in a special part of their belly. Most men have very tiny seeds, called sperm. If sperm and egg meet they can grow into a baby.”

Planned Parenthood knows abortion kills babies, but do their employees tell that to women considering abortion? Former workers say no. Former Planned Parenthood worker Catherine Anthony Adair explained, “The baby was referred to as the ‘contents of the uterus’ or a ‘clump of cells.'”



Another former Planned Parenthood worker, Pam Sandoval, said employees called wanted preborn children “babies,” but when women came in seeking abortions, “Employees would call the babies ‘blobs,’ ‘cells,’ ‘clusters,’ ’tissues,’ ‘sacs’ and “’its,’ but never ‘babies’ or ‘children.'”

Between 2000 and 2020, Planned Parenthood committed over 5.6 million abortions, and its most recent report shows that the corporation commits one abortion every 89 seconds. In 2017, Planned Parenthood made nearly $200 million from abortions. So it’s hardly surprising they don’t tell women the truth.

Abortionists know they are killing

Other abortionsts also know abortion kills babies. In a pro-abortion book, an abortionist identified as Kristina said:

I never thought I would be doing this type of work, but it’s been the most rewarding thing I’ve ever dreamed of doing… You know what the truth is. You know how difficult this is for [the women]. They know what’s happening. They’re not idiots.

They know that there is a pregnancy there, and it will end, and there will no longer be a baby. They cry and they’re sad and as long as it’s legal, maybe even if it wasn’t, I’d feel a need or a want to try to continue this work… I think what I’m doing is right.3

She knows that when a woman is pregnant, she’s pregnant with a “baby” – not tissue, cells, or a mere “fetus.” Yet, Kristina finds killing these babies “rewarding” and admitted that she may continue killing them even if abortion becomes illegal.

In 2019, the BBC’s Hilary Andersson interviewed late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart in the documentary, “America’s Abortion War.” A portion of the conversation went as follows:

Carhart: To the fetus it makes no difference whether it’s born or not born. The baby has no input in this, as far as I’m concerned.

Andersson: But it’s interesting that you use the word baby because a lot of abortionists won’t use that. They’ll use the term fetus because they don’t want to acknowledge that there’s a life.

Carhart: I- I think that it is a baby and I tell our — I use it with the patients.

Andersson: And you don’t have a problem with killing a baby?

Carhart: I have no problem if it’s in the mother’s uterus.



An article in Social Science & Medicine called “Dangertalk” featured abortionists talking about things they feel are too harmful to the pro-abortion cause to say in public. One doctor said:

[A]bortion is life and death and I think for me it’s about providers saying, “Yes, we end lives here,” and being okay with that … I had a woman wake up in the recovery room and say, “I just killed my baby.” And I said to her, “You did, and that’s okay.” And just, being okay, to say that…. That’s what I feel we’re doing here. And I’m okay with that.5

In a debate with the late Dr. Mike Adams, late-term abortionist Willie Parker conceded, “Abortion kills a human being, I agree. When I do an abortion, I am clear what she has asked me to do for her. I’m clear that she’s asked me to remove a fetus from her.”



Adams later asked Parker about the color of the brain matter that oozes out of a baby’s skull when Parker crushes it. After trying to deflect the question, and saying it didn’t matter, Parker said, “You described what I do, so what is your point?”

He admitted again, “[A]bortion kills a human being. It is the intentional disruption of a pregnancy. It kills a human being.” When asked how many human beings he’d killed, Parker couldn’t remember if it was 20,000 or 30,000. “What’s the difference?” he asked.

Abortion is legalized homicide and abortionists know it.

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