Actress Stacey Dash shares why she refused abortion and chose life for her son

Actress Stacey Dash shares why she refused abortion and chose life for her son

In a new interview, actress-turned-conservative commentator Stacey Dash tells People Magazine how her troubled past helped inform her current views, including her pro-life stance.

Dash, known for her commentary on Fox News and online, as well as roles in films such as “Clueless,” recounts becoming addicted to cocaine at age sixteen, entering a relationship with a man who beat her in her early twenties, and eventually becoming pregnant in a relationship with another man, musician Christopher Williams. Though tempted to abort her child, prayer helped her to resist.

“When I got pregnant, I was doing a lot of drugs and I didn’t want to live. I wanted to die. I was going to have an abortion,” Dash says. “I was crying and I said to God, ‘Please tell me what to do.’ And God told me, ‘Keep your son.’ I ripped the IV out of my arm and I said, ‘I’m keeping my son.’”

Her son Austin is now 25, and her daughter, Lola, is 12. Dash says that candor about her past experiences has been a valuable tool in raising them: “The best way to protect my children is to be honest with them. I let them know that I survived. I’m not a victim. And there is nothing they can’t overcome.”

As Live Action News covered last fall, Stacey Dash is an outspoken pro-lifer who has also challenged abortion defenders to confront the abortion industry’s disproportionate death toll on black babies and Planned Parenthood’s harvesting of babies’ body parts.

“If you truly believe in African Americans,” she said, “then start telling them they do have the power and ability to take care of their children and raise them instead of pressuring them to kill them in the womb.”

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