Abortionist walks free despite injuring woman in late-term abortion

Warren Hern, after tiller, late-term abortion

On Monday, January 22, 2018, the jury in the Federal medical malpractice case against abortionist Warren Hern sided with the defendant who was accused of medical negligence after permanently injuring a woman during a late-term abortion.

Hern had been accused of negligence due to the injury he caused a patient, Jennifer D., when he failed to complete the abortion of her 25-week old preborn child. Hern neglected to remove a nearly 4 cm piece of the preborn child’s skull during the abortion. The skull fragment cut into Jennifer’s uterus, causing health problems. 14 months after the abortion, Jennifer’s doctors attempted to remove the skull fragment but were unable to grasp it and ended up perforating her uterus, which lead to a hysterectomy.

During an abortion of a 25-week-old preborn child in which there is the potential to leave part of the skull inside the uterus, a preborn child is killed as the abortionist rips her limbs off with a clamp. In this D&E abortion, the head is the most difficult body part to remove, therefore it is “grasped and crushed,” as former abortionist Dr. Anthony Levatino explains in the video below:


According to Operation Rescue, during the court hearing, testimony from Dr. Andrew Robertson, Jennifer’s maternal fetal medicine doctor, stated that during the abortion Hern did not properly dilate Jennifer’s cervix wide enough in order to remove her 25-week-old preborn child. In addition, when Hern performed the ultrasound after the abortion, there were indications that not all fetal body parts had been removed, but Hern either didn’t notice or chose not to do anything about it.

C.C., a co-worker of Hern’s for 17 years, testified that during a D&E late-term abortion, a preborn child is ripped into about “100-1,000 pieces” by the abortionist, highlighting the level of brutality that exists in the abortion industry.

Hern attempted to defend himself by stating that Robertson should not have had to perform a hysterectomy on Jennifer because he himself had removed bone fragments left over from abortions on numerous occasions. Therefore, he claimed that had Jennifer returned to his abortion facility, he would have been able to remove the skull fragment without the need for a hysterectomy.

The mere fact that Hern defends himself by stating he has an abundance of experience in removing bone fragments after his own incomplete abortions doesn’t speak to his skill level as a doctor but rather to his level of negligence and lack of caring and inattentiveness to the procedure. An incomplete late-term abortion is certainly not something to be proud of. They leave women at risk for a multitude of health issues.

It unfortunately took only two hours and thirty-five minutes for the jury to decide that Hern was not negligent when he left the skull fragment inside Jennifer’s uterus. While Jennifer was unable to get justice, her case is a prime example of the horrors that occur behind the closed doors of the abortion industry. Not only does the death of her child show how barbaric and cruel abortion is, as children of this gestational age can feel pain at excruciating levels, but it shows how little abortionists actually care about their patients. Jennifer’s story is exposing the truth about the harm abortion causes to women.

Congress recently passed a ban on abortions after 20 weeks gestation – a measure the Senate is scheduled to vote on this week.

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