Abortion is violence: Words and videos from inside the abortion industry

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Abortion is violence. No matter which type of abortion procedure is used, it is an attack on innocent human life through violent means. The sole purpose of abortion is to kill, and while some abortionists and abortion advocates deny this and accuse pro-lifers of “terrorism” for saying so, other abortionists have openly admitted the truth.

The abortion pill starves a child of nutrients until he or she dies — and women have attested to the “self-violence” that the abortion pill put them through.

WARNING: This article contains images of abortion victims.

First-trimester surgical abortion involves forcing open the cervix and inserting a suction catheter to vacuum the baby out in pieces with a force 10-20 times that of a household vacuum. The baby is barely recognizable, but as seen in the image below, parts can be accounted for to ensure abortion “success.”

Rib cage of 12-week-old aborted baby with arm and hand intact; aborted by suction D&C procedure.

In a third trimester induction abortion, the baby is injected with feticide such as digoxin or potassium chloride to stop her heart. A few days later her mother will deliver her stillborn baby.

In a D&E dismemberment abortion — the most common abortion procedure used in the second trimester — the baby’s arms and legs are ripped from her torso, she is decapitated, and her skull is crushed. That is the very image of violence.

Face of aborted baby at 21 weeks (D&E procedure).

Some abortionists are upfront about what they do. They label abortion as killing and violence — and even share difficult moments they have faced in actually doing their job.

“It’s violence, it’s a person, it’s killing”

During a panel discussion at the National Abortion Federation annual meeting, abortionist Lisa Harris spoke about abortion images and what to tell those who question abortion:

I actually think it should be less about denying the reality of those images and more about acknowledging, that, “yeah that’s kind of true,” so given that we actually see the fetus the same way, and given that we might actually both agree that there’s violence in here. … Let’s just give them all “it’s violence, it’s a person, it’s killing.”

“With a quick tug I separated the leg”

Harris even committed these abortions during her own pregnancy on babies about the same age as her own preborn child. She recalled one such abortion:

I could see a small foot hanging from the teeth of my forceps. With a quick tug, I separated the leg. Precisely at that moment, I felt a kick — a fluttery “thum, thump” in my own uterus. It was one of the first times I felt fetal movement. There was a leg and foot in my forceps, and a “thump, thump” in my abdomen. Instantly, tears were streaming from my eyes — without me — meaning my conscious brain — even being aware of what was going on. It was an overwhelming feeling — a brutally visceral response — heartfelt and unmediated by my training or my feminist pro-choice politics. 

Without the time to justify what she was doing, Harris was overcome with the truth of the violence of abortion and her role in killing innocent children.

“I have to hit the gym for this”

In a video from The Center for Medical Progress, former Planned Parenthood abortionist DeShawn Taylor discussed dismemberment abortions. Taylor compared the effort it takes to rip the limbs off of a preborn child who has been killed through digoxin and one who is still alive when the dismemberment begins.



After complaining about having to transport any abortion survivors to the hospital, she added:

Research shows that dig[oxin] doesn’t make the procedure easier in someone who is well-trained, but I have to tell you anecdotally, my biceps appreciate when the dig works. It doesn’t take me any longer to complete the procedure but it is … it takes more force…. So I remember when I was a Fellow and I was training, I was like, Oh I have to hit the gym for this. I need to hit the gym.

“The fetus is a tough little object, and taking it apart… is very difficult”

Late-term abortionist Susan Robinson has described the horrific nature of abortion and admitted that other doctors look down on abortionists as “the lowest of the low.” They have good reason to. Medicine is supposed to be about healing, not killing, but as Robinson has demonstrated with her own words, abortion is violent killing:

The fetus is a tough little object, and taking it apart, I mean, taking it apart on day one is very difficult…

You go in there, and you go, “Am I getting the uterus, or the fetus? Oh good, fetus. [stabbing sound effect] What have I got? Nothing. Let’s try again. 

“The fetus [was] distressed … and kicking violently through the death trauma”

An abortionist interviewed for the book, “In Necessity and Sorrow, Life and Death inside an Abortion Hospital,” spoke about how the older babies reacted to his attempts to kill them. These babies, which are capable of feeling pain by the end of the first trimester, are aware of the invasion of their space. He explained:

All of a sudden, one noticed that at the time of the saline infusion, there was a lot of activity in the uterus. It wasn’t fluid currents. It was obviously the fetus being distressed by swallowing the salt solution and kicking violently through the death trauma. You can either face it, or turn around and say it’s uterine contractions. That, however, would be repressing, since as a doctor you obviously know that it is not.

Saline abortions are no longer typically committed, but a preborn child reacts that way to swallowing a salt solution, one can imagine the reaction that must occur when having her arms and legs ripped off during a D&E abortion.

“She will pull out kidneys and heart…”

In a CMP undercover video, Dr. Amna Dermish of Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas spoke about one of the employees who works to reassemble the “products of conception.”

Dermish: One of our POC persons is really into organ development.

CMP: Oh, really?

Dermish: Yeah, she will pull out kidneys and heart, and the heart we frequently see at nine weeks and she always looks for it.



Though the abortion industry lies about fetal development to women every day, abortion workers know they are killing living human beings with beating hearts even at just nine weeks.

“It’s really barbaric”

In the book, “M.D.: Doctors Talk About Themselves,” an anonymous abortionist spoke about the brutality of abortion and showed that he is fully aware of the fact that he is brutally killing a human being. He said:

Nobody wants to perform abortions after ten weeks because by then you see the features of the baby, hands, feet. It’s really barbaric. … I’ve done a couple thousand, and it turned into a significant financial boon, but I also feel I’ve provided an important service. The only way I can do an abortion is to consider only the woman as my patient and block out the baby.

“I’m not going to crush that part, I’m gonna basically crush below”

In the first CMP video, Planned Parenthood director (at the time) told undercover journalists that she knew how to abort a child while keeping the organs intact. She explained the horrific way she does this:

I’d say a lot of people want liver… And for that reason, most providers will do this case under ultrasound evidence so they’ll know where they’re putting their forceps. We’ve been very good at getting heart, lung, liver, because we know that, so I’m not going to crush that part, I’m gonna basically crush below, I’m gonna crush above, and I’m gonna see if I can get it all intact.



“Was that crack, was that the little bits of the skull?”

In an undercover video for CMP, abortionist Savita Ginde at Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains spoke with undercover journalists posing as potential fetal body parts buyers. After meeting with Dr. Ginde, the journalists were taken to the pathological laboratory at the abortion facility and Planned Parenthood demonstrated the “quality” of fetal body parts that had been obtained that day. A cracking noise is heard:

Buyer: Was that crack, was that the little bits of the skull?

Medical Assistant: Mmhm. I just want to see one leg. Here’s a foot.

Dr. Ginde: It’s a baby.

Buyer: Is that the heart?

Medical Assistant: I think so, here’s the heart…. My fingers will smush it if I get in on it.



Abortionists are fully aware of the violence that occurs during every abortion, but the industry is quick to dismiss it and sweep it under the rug. As long as the truth is hidden, the abortion industry can continue profiting from the violent deaths of innocent children. There is no excuse for the continued brutality of abortion, and it must be exposed.

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