Abortion giant Planned Parenthood played major role in writing ‘Girls’ abortion episode

Nominations for the Emmy’s won’t be announced until July 16, but some are already predicting that Gillian Jacobs will earn a nomination for Best Supporting Actress for her role in HBO’s “Girls.” And the focus is on her portrayal of a young woman who has had an abortion.

In an episode from the show’s fourth season, Jacobs’ character, Mimi-Rose Howard, nonchalantly tells her boyfriend that there are “just a couple of things I can’t do ‘cuz I had an abortion yesterday.” In “Inside the Episode,” the show’s creator and star, Lena Dunham, says that this character “doesn’t need validation or support from anyone in order to make decisions, creatively, emotionally, romantically…” Clearly not, considering this is how she tells her boyfriend she had an abortion, when she explains she can’t go for a run.

Dunham also says in the video clip about the episode that she “also liked the idea of showing someone who was getting an abortion who wasn’t tortured by it.” A recent pro-abortion film, “Obvious Child,” tried that same tactic. It tanked, making only $3,122,616 nation-wide, and earned no Golden Globe or Oscar nominations.

Not so surprisingly, but also no less shamefully, Planned Parenthood helped with the script. Emphasis is added:

The show’s depiction of no greater conflict — only uncomplicated decision-making — helps to broaden the public’s understanding of the wide range of women’s experiences with abortion, says Dawn Laguens, executive vice president of Planned Parenthood Federation of America. In fact, Planned Parenthood was asked to consult on the episode to “ensure abortion was shown in a realistic and non-stigmatizing way,” she says.

“Any time we get the chance to see an honest portrayal of abortion, it helps eliminate the shame and stigma that too often surrounds a woman’s decision to end a pregnancy, and it helps people have honest conversations with family and friends about this topic,” Laguens tells Yahoo Health. “The abortion storyline on last night’s episode of HBO’s Girls was an excellent example of this.”

Of course Planned Parenthood would consider a show which had their involvement to be “an excellent example.” As far as “realistic” goes, though, this is Planned Parenthood’s idea of the word. And, such great lengths are taken to be “non-stigmatizing” to the mother, that the child and even the father are completely left out. This is demonstrated all too well by the show’s dialogue:

…her delivery of the news hits a notable mix of casualness and confidence. To Mimi-Rose, it was a non-issue: She didn’t want to have a baby at that particular time, hence her decision. When Adam, upset that he was not consulted about her decision first, asks about the sex of the terminated embryo, Mimi-Rose says, “It was a ball of cells. It was smaller than a seed pearl. It didn’t have a penis or a vagina.”

Yes, individuals and groups still refer to preborn children as “a ball of cells.” And they get to make TV shows and rake in about half a billion dollars a year from the taxpayers.

It’s not so surprising that Planned Parenthood would help with the script because it’s harder to find a more die-hard or crazed supporter of the abortion giant than Dunham. She designed a t-shirt for Planned Parenthood Action’s “Women Are Watching” campaign. Despite the appeal the campaign had to celebrities, pro-abortion candidates supported by Dunham and Planned Parenthood mostly lost.  Crazed for other reasons, Dunham also accused a man, “Barry,” of rape (later she admitted that Barry was a concocted name).

Planned Parenthood also accompanied Dunham on her book tour for “Not That Kind of Girl.” In her book, Dunham openly discussed the ways in which she sexually touched her one-year-old sister. When she hosted “Saturday Night Live” last March, during an episode which brought the show’s ratings down, the actress still couldn’t keep her support for Planned Parenthood away, as evidenced in a painfully unfunny sketch promoting the group.

While “Girls” may be on the air, and Planned Parenthood may be raking in the cash from taxpayers, the depravity of the abortion movement continues its display.

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