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‘Abortion drone’ set to bring illegal abortifacients to Poland

This weekend, the Dutch abortion advocacy group Women on Waves plans to deploy an unmanned aerial drone from Frankfurt, Germany to deliver abortifacient drugs into Slubice, Poland, the Washington Times reports.

The plan is meant to help abortion-seeking women defy Polish law, which prohibits abortion except for rape, incest, danger to the mother’s health, or severe fetal deformity. “We can’t stop pointing out the lack of safe access to abortion and medical abortion pills,” said Women on Waves leader Dr. Rebecca Gomperts. “It’s a violation of women’s rights. We have to make every effort to make sure they get that access.”

Despite the illegal nature of elective abortion in Poland, the organization claims its plan to deliver mifepristone and misoprostol to the Polish border town will not run afoul of the law: “As the Abortion drone weighs less than 5 kg, is not used for any commercial purposes, will stay within the sight of the person flying it and does not fly in controlled airspace, no authorization is required under Polish or German law” and “In Poland, a pregnant woman cannot be subjected to punishment for illegal abortion or for any other action leading to a miscarriage.”

Women on Waves further claims “medical abortion can easily be done by women themselves at home without supervision by health professionals,” but according to Life News, “The FDA has documented 2,207 adverse events in the U.S. of women who have had medical abortions, including 14 deaths, 612 hospitalizations, 339 cases where blood loss was so great the woman needed a transfusion, 256 infections and 58 ectopic pregnancies.”

As Live Action News has previously covered, Women on Waves’ past activities include sending a boat to Morocco to perform abortions in international waters in 2012 and releasing a smartphone app to help women in pro-life countries self-abort earlier this year.

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