A mother fights for the lives of her unborn twins

Diana Stone, via her Twitter

Ever since Diana Stone, blogger for Babble, tweeted that she was losing her twin unborn sons the world has been helping her fight for her right to stay pregnant. Now, she has won that right.

On April 27 at just 18 weeks pregnant, Diana’s water broke. When she arrived at the hospital, doctors advised her to induce labor knowing that her boys were too small to live outside the womb. At first, Diana and her husband agreed to the induction, but then they changed their minds. The parents decided they wanted to do everything in their power and exercise every option to keep their boys alive. The doctors were not happy. They told her that her babies would die and she would be risking infection. And as Diana lay in a hospital bed leaking amniotic fluid, she listened to the doctors, those who are there to care for her and her babies, tell her that she is crazy. They belittled her decision to remain pregnant. They ridiculed her religious beliefs. They insulted her intelligence. They tried to kick her out of the hospital. All because she is choosing life for her babies.

Here are some of her heartbreaking tweets over the last few days:

We changed our minds. We chose not to induce. I can’t make a decision like this when they’re alive. I’m going to fight & try & give my all – April 27, 2012

The drs have refused to let me use a tilted bed or be on bedrest. It’s a hard situation. They think I’m insane. – April 28, 2012

Omg. Shakin I’m so angry. Was woken up by an MD who told me basically I’m an idiot taking up an expensive hospital bed and need to go home. –April 30, 2012

I’m furious. Talked to a nurse & refused to see him again till my husband is here. So upset. I know this is slim, but to be told every day? – April 30, 2012

The MD just told DH, “I know how pregnant ladies are. I don’t know who told her those babies will make it.” I WANT TO KILL HIM. – April 30, 2012

Still arguing. About our beliefs now. Perfect. Let’s mock our religious choices and call me hysterical. –April 30, 2012

You guys are going to die. The patient advocate pulled DH into the hall and said he’d received so many calls -apparently I’m a blogger? Lol! – April 30, 2012

Thank you ALL so much for changing our lives today. All 5 of them. – April 30, 2012

How many women come in here and are continually pressured to give up? –April 30, 2012

Now, thanks to phone calls to the hospital from outraged friends and strangers alike, Diana is resting at the hospital, fighting to keep her pregnancy strong until the boys reach viability at about 24 weeks gestation. Her own doctor is with her, supporting her decision to remain pregnant for as long as possible.  She is reinvigorated each time she feels them kick and each time she gets to hear their strong heartbeats. She knows they may have special needs. She knows they may not live. But she loves them. She wants to give them the chance. And she makes a valid point.

Just how many mothers are convinced to give up on their unborn children? Whether it’s due to a diagnosis of Down syndrome or cystic fibrosis, or an attempt to save the mother’s health, doctors seem to be more and more eager to push abortion on frightened mothers. And when the mother and father choose to fight for their child’s life, they are scoffed at. They are made to feel as though their child’s life isn’t worth fighting for. But everyone deserves a chance. Diana has chosen to remain pregnant and it’s a choice that took faith and bravery, something her cowardly doctors can’t seem to understand. Now the world is watching as Diana faces an unknown future full of hope and fear. And all we can do is pray. Pray for her strength and health. Pray for her babies to live and thrive. And pray that the world learns through Diana what it truly means to be a mother, what it means to put your children first, and that every life is worth fighting for.

From Diana’s blog:

No matter how this turns out, no matter what the outcome today, tomorrow, weeks from now, I can look at them and know that everything was done to get them to wherever they are at that point. And know that you all did that – you changed our lives and theirs forever. No matter what.

Even if they never live to hear about this, their lives are already such an amazing part of our story.

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