5 disgusting things abortionists have been caught doing

The depravity of the abortion industry has no bounds, as evidenced by the heinous criminal activity and downright grotesque daily practices that are the modus operandi of mainstream abortion mills.  We’ve aggregated five stomach-churning examples of disgusting behavior among abortionists.  Sadly, there are many, many more where these came from.

 1. Using kitchen tools to commit abortions

Abortionist Lisa Harris bragged about using common kitchenware to commit surgical abortions in a 2014 magazine contribution called “Women’s Work.” Carole Novielli at Saynsumthn’s Blog shares Harris’s disturbing quote:

I set down the tray and pour the bowl’s contents into a hand held kitchen strainer. It is an ordinary kitchen strainer that I purchased at the bed and bath store… I run water through the strainer to clear away the blood and empty the strained contents onto another tray. The patient whose abortion I have just done was early in her pregnancy… I move the tissue into a square Pyrex baking dish…I use ordinarily kitchen tools… I do society’s dirty work…. I turn women into non-mothers… (I know full well that most women seeking abortions are mothers… ) And fetuses die at my hands.

2. Referring to dead babies as “meat in a crock pot” 

During Live Action’s undercover investigation into America’s late-term abortion industry, Inhuman, abortionist LeRoy Carhart was caught on camera referring to dead preborn children as “meat in a crock pot.”  The comment occurred when the pregnant actress asked Carhart what happened to her unborn child after he injected its heart with the feticidal drug digoxin.

“It’ll be dead for two days before you deliver it,” he said, explaining that the digoxin’s effects would render the baby “soft, like mushy [makes squishing sound]… So it’s like putting meat in a crock pot.”

3. Pushing five freezers full of babies down a garbage disposal

In October, leaked footage recorded by the Center for Medical Progress revealed that Renee Chelian, the owner of a Michigan abortion mill, spends a lot of her time hemming and hawing over what to do with all the bodies of the babies she kills in abortion.  Her “waste disposal” problems compounded when the contracted waste company, Stericycle, canceled their agreement with the abortionist.

The backup of dead bodies quickly grew out of control, and within a few months Chelian had freezers (plural) full of the tiny bodies of children she aborted.  Although she had long opposed the common Michigan abortion practice of stuffing these children down the garbage disposal (which is, unbelievably, sanctioned by Michigan law), she resorted to that option herself in lieu of paying what she considered to be exorbitant fees for the alternative: incineration and burial of the babies.  In the video footage, Chelian recalls how she hired someone to come to her abortion mill and unburden her freezers of all the bodies.  This person ground the bodies in the garbage disposal, from which they flowed into the public sewer system.

4. Hoarding severed limbs and entire bodies of children they killed

In light of their profession, it may be unsurprising that some abortionists seem to have a grotesque obsession with death.  This obsession is manifest in the tendency of some of them to hoard bodies and body parts of the children they kill in abortion.

Gosnell baby feetKermit Gosnell, for example, preserved the severed limbs of multiple aborted babies in jars at his abortion mill.  He also stored bodies in his freezer.  These remains reportedly had to be thawed by the Philadelphia medical examiner during investigations into Gosnell’s heinous activities.

Similarly, in Michigan, abortionist Michael Roth was charged by the Michigan Attorney General with negligence and failure to protect patients’ personal information after he was caught with containers of babies’ bodies in his car.

5. Never cleaning their facilities… ever. 

Now-indicted abortionist Kermit Gosnell was notorious for the filth in which he both lived and worked.  The media like to pretend that Gosnell and his grotesque “house of horrors” abortion mill were anomalous. They’re not.

Abortion mills — when they are inspected — are frequently cited for unsanitary conditions.  Facilities in MichiganVirginia, and all over Texas for example, are all characterized by blood spatter.  Blood on the walls.  Blood on the floors.

Blood on their hands.

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