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Michigan AG files complaint against abortionist who had jars of aborted children in his car

Long time circuit-riding abortionist Michael Roth, who made headlines earlier this fall after police found multiple containers of aborted children along with controlled substances in his car after his involvement in a traffic incident, is the subject of a Michigan Attorney General’s Office complaint charging him with negligence and failure to protect patients’ personal information.

The administrative complaint, filed with the state Board of Medicine’s department of licensing and regulatory affairs for possible disciplinary action, was obtained by Live Action News from pro-life advocate Lynn Mills. The complaint details the fact that Roth was disciplined by the state medical board in 2004 following a complaint that he performed an abortion out of a patient’s home. Another issue came before the Board in 2012 over a complication from a procedure resulting in a fine:

Roth abortion home complaint

The Attorney General has accused Roth of being in possession of controlled substances without lawful authority. According to the AG’s complaint, when police searched Roth’s car they discovered six prescription bottles for several patients which contained an antibiotic prescribed by another medical doctor with the initials AO.  They also found large amounts of the pain medicine Fentanyl and a partially used bottle of an anesthesia drug. In addition, they found medication used for uterine bleeding.

In response to the complaint, pro-life activist Lynn Mills called the items found in Roth’s car, “a cocktail for abortion.” According to Mills, there are many unanswered questions surround this case:

Pro-lifers effectively got this abortionist evicted several times last year. So let’s say that he couldn’t find a place to rent that would allow him to do abortions. We know from his history that he has experience doing them in home settings. Could this have been an option he felt was viable?

mICHAEL RoTH abortion fetus

Asministrative COmplaint Roth Abortion Fetus Car


In addition to the medications, the complaint states that police also found 15 specimen jars containing “products of conception” in the abortionist’s car. Less than a week later, upon searching Roth’s home, police found additional medications of Fentanyl and and six full glass vials of methylergonovine maleate (a medication used for uterine bleeding). Police also discovered that the Fentanyl, which had expired a year earlier, belonged to another physician. In fact, several of the medications found in Roth’s possession were expired and bore the name of another prescribing physician where Roth “provides coverage,” according to the complaint.

The document states that the license to dispense medications is “location specific” and that medications cannot be stored in places other than where the license allows. Further, state law requires that medications are to be stored in a locked cabinet or room and not in a person’s home or vehicle. The complaint accuses Roth of failing to protect patients’ personal information as well as disposing of “pathological waste,” i.e. aborted babies, pursuant to state statutes.

The AG accuses Roth of the following:

  • Negligence
  • Incompetence
  • Lack of Good Moral Character
  • Possessing a controlled substance without lawful authority
  • Betrayal of a Professional Confidence

The complaint requires that Roth has 30 days to submit a written response to the charges against him. If he cannot show that he is in compliance of all lawful requirements of retention of his license, the AG has requested that formal proceedings be “commenced pursuant to the Public Health Code.”

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