Fighting For Life | Lila Rose At California State University Fullerton

Lila Rose Speaks At California State University Fullerton In 2023


Good evening, everybody. Thank you, Marcos. Thank you so much Cal State Fullerton TPUSA Chapter. You guys rock. Thank you for hosting this event and thank you for caring. Thank you for caring about this moral atrocity.

I believe abortion is the greatest moral atrocity that our nation faces today and that’s why you’re here because you care and I want to especially thank anyone who’s here who doesn’t agree, or maybe you’re not sure what you think, because that’s exactly what I think the place you need to be is somewhere to hear opposing views, to hear someone else’s position on this to maybe change your position, ro maybe consider someone else’s and challenge it. We’re going to do a question and answer at the end and if anybody has a disagreement I want to hear from you and we welcome you to come to the front of the line. 

I want to start with the words of one of my personal heroes, somebody that I’ve admired since I was in high school who has inspired me for over a decade. And she was a nun, so she was a little tiny nun, actually, barely five feet tall and she would wear a blue and white sari…many of you might know who I’m talking about the more I describe her…and she spent most of her life working with the dying, people that were terminally ill, people that were outcasts, people that were seen as unwanted by society. So, think about the kinds of people that are on the streets of Downtown Los Angeles that our society has forgotten and rejected and this little nun and her fellow sisters would surround people like that in their dying moments with dignity and love and care.

She epitomizes what it means to see human dignity, human value, even in people that look to the world like unwanted, like cast offs, and this little nun was named Mother Teresa. And who here has seen or heard any of Mother Teresa’s writings or speeches…okay, a lot of us. 

I’m going to share some words that she has said that aren’t typically printed in major papers or aren’t typically used when mainstream figures talk about her, because the reality is that while Mother Teresa is known for her works of love or works of peace, her work with the dying, and the lonely and the the unwanted in Calcutta, India, Mother Teresa actually had very strong words to say about abortion. And whenever she had the opportunity, she would speak about it, and when she was accepting her Nobel Peace Prize she had these words to say: she said the greatest destroyer of peace in the world is abortion. The greatest destroyer of peace in the world is abortion. And when I first saw these words,  these written words from her speech, the transcript from her speech, I was deeply moved. I was in high school at the time and I felt convicted. I was convicted because I wanted to do something valuable with my life. I wanted to fight for causes. I wanted to care about those that were the least of these, those that were the most vulnerable, and Mother Teresa was directing my attention as she’s directing ours tonight to those that are the most in danger, to those that are the most unwanted today, seen as unwanted, and that has created the greatest destroyer of peace in America and globally. And so that’s what we’re here to talk about. 

Our governor of our state, Governor Gavin Newsom, any fans of Gavin Newsom in the audience?…it’s okay you can be a fan…okay, no hands went up. That, by the way, doesn’t mean that there’s not left and right in this room, okay, there’s a lot of people that don’t like Gavin Newsom in the state, but many of you may or may not know this but Governor Gavin Newsom is probably the most pro-abortion Governor we’ve ever had in state history.

Ronald Reagan, by the way, at one time was pro-abortion. He was pro-abortion and signed one of the first legalizations of abortion in this state and then he would go on when he became president of the United States to become pro-life passionately and to sign the Emancipation Proclamation of the preborn child, of the unborn child, declaring that all human beings have the right to life starting with those in the womb. So, governors that start as pro-choice or pro-abortion can become pro-life, and I am hoping for that for Gavin Newsom. 

But, let’s look at what he’s doing in our state, let’s start there, because you as students have an incredible power to speak truth to power, to vote, to organize, to be activists, and we live in a state that just passed Proposition 1 making abortion legal through all nine months of pregnancy for any reason. 

Governor Gavin Newsom just stockpiled 2 million abortion pills because he loves abortion that much. Governor Gavin Newsom just put up billboards using your tax dollars in states like Texas telling women that you should come to California, “we care,” and have an abortion, telling women “we will pay for you to come to our state to kill your child,” not “we’re going to come to your state to care for your child, to send you to Disneyland, we want you to come to our state to kill your child. And you know if abortion was– we’re going to prove it tonight– if abortion was a good thing, if abortion was a freeing thing, if abortion was a truly empowering thing for women, then I would get in line and vote for Gavin Newsom, then what Gavin Newsom is doing would be seen should be seen as noble. But if abortion is the intentional destruction of an innocent human life, a homicidal act against the most vulnerable member of our human family, then what he’s doing is perpetuating the greatest atrocity that our nation has ever seen and that’s what I’m gonna do tonight with my speech. I’m going to prove tonight, and we’re going to begin with the question of what a human being is, I’m going to prove to you tonight that this is the greatest moral atrocity that we face, and that together it is our responsibility to rise up and to stop it, all of us, no matter our state in life, no matter our other things we have going on. We all have a role to play in this fight, and so I want to start with this first question which is: “what is a human being,” then we’re going to talk about what abortion actually is that abortion kills, and then what our responsibility, our shared responsibility, is to stand up to this moral atrocity over time. 

And so starting with what is a human…what is a human? Anybody have an answer for that? What is a human? Okay we’ll start here…let’s start with human rights before going to what is a human, what is human rights, and we’re going to work back to what is a human.

Who deserves human rights? Humans! Okay good, I hear the right answers here, we’re going to wake up here, humans, everyone deserves human rights. The United Nations, for what it’s worth, I know there might not be some fans here, but they declare themselves the governing authority globally on human rights, right, the United Nations says that humans have a universal and unalienable right to life, that’s what the United Nations, says. Our Constitution, our constitution is protecting basic human rights right, for Americans that’s the purpose of our constitution. And so the idea that human rights are universal and inalienable is the idea that every human being, every human has human rights that we possess. human rights by nature of being a member of the human species, all of us have human rights, and so what are these inherent human rights that we have? Well, I mentioned the right to life our Declaration of Independence says…what… that we are endowed by our creator with certain inalienable rights and among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. 

Life comes first, life comes first, because you can’t enjoy liberty and the pursuit of happiness without life. You need life first, and so everybody and according to the United Nations they say the United Nations has a Declaration of Human Rights and they say everyone has the right to life, liberty, and the security of the person, so the United Nations is kind of mirroring what our Declaration of Independence says. So what does it have in common… the UN, our Declaration of Independence…what do all humans have…? A right to life, life, and that’s why it’s always wrong to intentionally kill an innocent human being because you’re depriving them of a fundamental right.

So, every person across the world in every time, in every space, has a right to life. And so, what is a human…what is a human…a human is a unique and individual member of the human species, okay?

Okay, so how do we answer this simple question…let’s dive into the science.

I’m going to start with a quote from Peter Singer…has anyone heard of Peter Singer?… a few of us, okay, who’s Peter Singer? Yes, yes, yeah, you’re absolutely right. He’s a philosopher from Princeton, he’s actually a professor of bioethics believe it or not, and he’s extremely pro-choice to the point of being pro-infanticide.

So, Peter Singer has actually made the case for parents to have the right to kill their newborn within the first three months post-birth of that newborn’s life. That’s this guy and he’s a chair of bioethics at Princeton.

But Peter Singer says there is no doubt from the first moments of its existence an embryo conceived from human sperm and eggs is in fact a human being. All right no joke, smarty…I mean that’s kind of obvious right? You open any biology textbook, you open any embryology textbook and it’ll tell you that human life doesn’t begin at birth. Human life doesn’t begin at 20 weeks. Human life doesn’t begin at 15 weeks, human life begins at the beginning, at the moment of fertilization after sperm-egg fusion. That is the uncontested scientific fact, and when you hear people, whether it’s people like Dr. Phil debating on his show or you hear random pro-abortion pundits or even our president saying we don’t know when life begins, what they’re really talking about is, “I’m not going to give human rights to human lives from the very beginning, I don’t believe they’re worth it.”

That’s what they’re really talking about. It’s this construct of personhood versus humanity, basically saying that some humans aren’t persons.

What does that sound like? Some humans aren’t persons. It sounds a little bit like slavery. It sounds a little bit like the Holocaust, it sounds a little bit like every single time in human history when the stronger group of people, the majority group of people said to the minority or the weaker group of people and said you are less than, you are sub-human, you are not a person because you do not share the right race, you do not share the right abilities or you do not share the right level of…the right level of development and that’s the message that we send, the pro-choice side sends to the preborn child that says “you are not developed enough, that’s your crime…you are not developed enough and worse you are dependent.”

Well, guess who else is dependent? Every single person attached to any machine in a hospital, a newborn crying for his or her mother who cannot survive on his or her own, a 13 year old who’s just gotten into a brutal car accident and is laying in a hospital bed and needs the support in order to recover and without that support he or she would die, an elderly person may be suffering dementia who left by themselves would die.

We all at some point in our life are going to be dependent, not just before birth, and yet somehow we bought this lie that you are sub-human if you are dependent, that you are subhuman if you are little, that you are subhuman if you are less-developed. The scientific fact of when life begins is crystal clear and so the question that rages is…will we recognize that human life’s rights?

A few things to share… when does the heartbeat start? It’s amazing to look at the development of a child in the womb. I am convinced that if every single American looked at the development of a child in the womb more minds would change on abortion than ever have before, but people are simply blind, they don’t pay attention and they don’t connect the dots.

The heartbeat starts at just three and a half weeks from fertilization, as little as 18 days from fertilization that heart of that child is already beating, brain waves by six weeks and just a couple days can already be detected in that developing embryo, independent movement is starting even at the end of the first trimester, by eight weeks and two days that child is already getting senses, it already can move its jaw, make grasping motions, it is incredible to see the development of the child.

You’ve probably heard…even some pro-lifers, but many people in the abortion movement say “oh, abortion isn’t as bad in the first trimester.” Morally it’s the same. Human life just needs time and nourishment to grow. When you look at the development of that child, you see humanity. Humanity is written into every single cell that that child has and humanity is written into the markers, the milestones of his or her development. I want to show a video. Has anyone here seen the story of baby Olivia? A few of us. Okay you’re in for a treat you’re going to meet baby Olivia tonight.

She is a…the most lifelike, medically accurate depiction of life’s earliest beginnings. She was created with a team of medical experts with Live Action and world-class illustrators to show a peek into life into the womb and this video can put to rest the final question of what is a human.

You can play Olivia now.

A Never Before Seen Look At Human Life In The Womb | Baby Olivia

And Olivia is going to be coming to a app near you on your phone wherever you download your apps from for fetal developments you’re going to see every single day of pregnancy and you don’t have to be pregnant to download the app or you can be a dude you get to see every single day of pregnancy, trust me,  it’s a great thing if you’re a guy looking to up points with ladies to really understand fetal development and understand and value pregnancy, but this app shows every single day of the baby’s life and it will be launched in a few months by Live Action so stay tuned for that. It’s clear what a human is, it’s clear that human rights begin not at birth but before.

So, what’s the next question that we have to answer tonight…what is abortion? What is abortion? And, I think I’m going to, I’m going to share with you what the three abortion procedures do, the three most prevalent abortion procedures do, but first some statistics. Since Roe v. Wade which is now overruled, fantastically, since Roe v. Wade was overruled there have actually been estimated over 30,000 lives that have been saved. Children that have actually been born that would have been killed if Roe hadn’t been overruled, so let’s just celebrate that for a minute and by the way when you hear numbers like that it can just kind of go in one ear out the other, but 30,000 children…it’s a small town, it’s maybe even a mid-sized town. It’s 30, 000 boys and girls who will have a first birthday that would have otherwise been killed because of a decision made by nine justices. I mean it’s kind of crazy that it was up to nine justices to even make the decision in the first place with Roe back in 1973, that men in black robes, 5-7 of them made this decision back in 1973, and since then there have been over 64 million abortions.

So, we just celebrated 30 000 children that now have a chance to live, but we’ve lost 64 million children. That number can’t even really be contemplated; it’s so huge globally.

The estimated abortion rate in the last decade and a half is 1.5 billion. 

When I talked about the greatest moral atrocity of our time, I’m talking about two things: I’m talking about the expanse of it, that there’s been over a billion deaths because of this atrocity, no other single atrocity in modern times even comes close, and I’m talking about the class of victims that these were our most vulnerable, that their children, our most vulnerable and weak children that are in most need of protection, they’re being killed in the place that should be the safest, which is the womb. 

The womb is supposed to be a place of nurture, a safe harbor, and it’s become a battlefield, so Roe v. Wade has been overruled but the death toll continues in states like California, the death toll continues.

I mentioned Gavin Newsom, our governor, and our system here is set up to celebrate and support abortion. If you’re a woman in California, if you’re a woman on this campus, and if you experience unplanned pregnancy you have get pregnant and you’re not sure what to do and you go to your health center…I was just talking with a former student…and she was talking with her friend who’s a student here and she went to Cal State Fullerton’s Health Center and said “hey I think I might be pregnant or what would I do” and they said “you can get an abortion, let’s give you an abortion…”

Because Gavin Newsom and our legislature has turned college campuses in this state, state universities and colleges, into death centers, now the health centers here hand out the abortion pill. They hand it out and this is how your dorms have become death chambers. Self-abortions are happening on college campuses so this affects this school, it affects every community in the state, it affects anybody of any age because we’re living among families. We have neighbors who are considering abortions, having abortions, voting for abortions, so abortion kills. Let’s look at what abortion actually does– I want to start with a logical syllogism. 

This is the pro-life argument by the way in a nutshell. So if somebody asks you like why are you pro-life you can use this, this is 30 seconds “why pro-life”:

It is wrong, it is always wrong to intentionally take an innocent life…do we all agree? Okay, it’s always wrong. I mean people you know, especially some people on the left and some people on the right but especially on the left, they’re even against the death penalty. Don’t even take a guilty person’s life, right? So we can all agree it’s wrong, it’s always wrong to take an innocent person’s life, an innocent human life, it’s always wrong to do that. 

Number two, this is a logical syllogism so we have two premises and a conclusion. The second premise is abortion takes an innocent human life…I’m going to prove that here in a minute… although it should kind of be obvious if the point of abortion is to terminate a pregnancy and produce a dead human. That’s a successful abortion by the way, what abortionists are paid to do is to produce a dead human and in fact if they produce a live human they’ve failed and they can get sued for that. Abortion takes an innocent human life and the conclusion of this logical syllogism is therefore, if it’s always wrong to intentionally take a human life and abortion takes an innocent human life therefore what? Abortion is always wrong. Exactly. Okay what is abortion? 

I think we all agree with the logic of the logical syllogism. Where people get hung up on on the pro-choice side, you could say, is that well abortion doesn’t take a human life, abortion doesn’t do that.

Okay, well stepping aside from the logical reality that the purpose of the abortion procedure is to terminate a pregnancy and produce a dead embryo or fetus, which is a member of the human species and is a human that has human rights. Let’s look at the abortion procedures.

I’m going to start with the first trimester most popular abortion procedure which is the abortion pill. Who has seen the abortion pill in the news recently? It’s been in the news a lot recently because there’s a war raging politically because during COVID our FDA fast-tracked basically procedures so that you can telemed an abortion pill. This is like the new black market of abortion where basically it’s now legalized where you can ship an abortion pill, you don’t even have to have an ultrasound done. A woman, a girl…could be an underage girl… could be actually doing a telemed appointment with some doctor or some nurse and can be shipped an abortion pill to her home, and can take this abortion pill and self-abort in her home. Well what’s actually happening with an abortion pill abortion? We’re going to watch a short video to give you a glimpse into what this procedure actually does because our media today, people like our governor, again Gavin Newsom, who’s stockpiling the abortion pill is claiming that this is women’s health care, that’s what they say. 

This is women’s health care, this is women’s reproductive freedom, that “how dare you oppose this because this is basic women’s health,” and yet the reality is this does nothing to make a woman healthier. 

Instead this makes her actually very sick which we’ll learn in a moment and it kills a human life, a developing embryo, it is designed to kill.

You see mifepristone and misoprostol which are the two drugs that are the abortion pill cocktail the regimen that’s used to kill embryos that use to kill humans the first pill starves the child of nutrients basically weakens the lining of the mother’s uterus so that that baby can no longer get nourishment so slowly starves that baby and then the

Second, the abortion pill is used to force a miscarriage and we’re gonna watch a video of a testimony of a young woman explaining what it was like to take the abortion pill. Over 50 percent of abortions in the last reported year were the abortion pill. The abortion industry loves the abortion pill because it cuts costs, they don’t need brick and mortar anymore, they don’t need medical staff on call at certain locations to actually sit down and review the woman, to do an assessment on her,s she healthy, do an ultrasound, is she actually pregnant with  a uterine pregnancy that’s actually in her uterus or is she pregnant with an ectopic pregnancy. Because by the way if you’re a woman and you have an ectopic pregnancy, meaning the baby is not developing in your uterus, the baby is developing in your fallopian tube or somewhere else, and you take an abortion pill you can die, you can die because you think you’re miscarrying the baby but the baby can’t be miscarried the way that it would be typically with a uterine pregnancy and that baby can be say remained in your body or you could hemorrhage to death but the only way to know that is an ultrasound, and actual medical care which the abortion industry doesn’t want to provide because the abortion industry wants to cut costs and wants to mainstream and desensitize people to abortion. But let’s watch this video.

This video is from a brand new series that Live Action actually just launched this week that is featuring the untold stories of women who actually experienced the abortion pill because if you look at media, the way that it presents it today and politicians you would think that the abortion pill is just like having a period, not a big deal, it’s not even abortion it’s just like a period but the reality is very different so we can play the video now.

We are traumatizing a whole generation of women, that’s what the abortion pill does, it’s traumatizing a whole generation of women but the sickest and saddest part is that many of these women feel that they have to protect the very people that lie to them because they carry now a secret shame or guilt or the need to double down and say what I did was the right thing, because to face the reality of what actually happened, that this was a baby is too painful and if they face that reality that “yes when I had that abortion I ended the life of my baby,” society, most in society would laugh at them and say “that wasn’t a baby,” “that wasn’t a baby,” “abortion’s good for you,” “abortion’s supposed to empower you,” “how dare you regret your abortion abortion regret isn’t real.”

The abortion industry actually claims, Planned Parenthood actually claims that abortion regret, long-lasting abortion regret and trauma isn’t even real It’s the ultimate abuser, right, lies to you, coerces you, tells you how abortion takes the life of this child and then afterwards when you’re feeling pain, afterwards says your pain isn’t even real, it didn’t even happen that way,

it’s the greatest gaslighting trick that I think the medical establishment and the abortion industry in the medical establishment deeply embedded has played on American women in my lifetime. Certainly, to tell us your pain doesn’t even exist and with the shame that many women feel, they don’t want to talk about it right and so their voices are silent and instead the loud voices that are being amplified are women or activists saying or even men who are allies saying “well abortion is great I got my Golden Globe because of abortion, I got my career because of abortion, where would I be without my abortion?”

But these are the voices that need to be heard because the reality is, women and men too who’ve been part of abortion in the past, who dare to tell their stories are part of the the key to break free from the generational trauma that has taken place because of the abortion industry. They are the key to break free from the lies the generational lies that have chained millions of us and that perpetuate the violence into the future and so just a quick note if anyone here in this room knows someone, they themselves have personally been involved with abortion, there is healing, there is freedom, there is forgiveness, and there is a role for you in the movement. Some of the best pro-life leaders and leaders of other pro-life organizations who are changing the world and saving lives have had abortions, and their regret and their experience inspired them to stand up and fight it and help save lives.

So that’s what the abortion pill is, that’s the devastation that it is for women and what it does to a baby.

What about second trimester abortion? I want to show one more video because I think it needs to be seen. I think this video needs to be played in every college campus and every church and every school in America, in Congress, in the halls of every state legislature, as well as the halls of our federal Congress. Because the reality is this, what we’re about to watch, is abortion and this is the thing that our politicians are so obsessed with protecting the eternal right to when the reality is the depriving of the most fundamental right of the most weak. So we can show this video next, it is a video, not gory, but it shows through medical animation what happens during second trimester abortion. 

Second trimester abortion is in the in the spotlight in many ways because there’s debates raging at the federal level about right now about whether we can ban abortions at all, even in the second trimester can we ban abortions at 20 weeks, and crazily an entire political party, the Democrats, today are dead set against any abortion ban they won’t even ban abortions on the child that you’re about to see and the abortion in the second trimester is of course a brutal act but it’s happening tens of thousands of times at minimum. This is just the reported numbers, tens of thousands of times every year in this country. It’s killing more children than gun violence, this exact abortion procedure, and yet there’s no conversation about the fate of these children. There’s no outcry about the tools that dismember these children and so let’s watch this video. This is narrated by a former abortionist. Has anyone seen any of Dr. Anthony Levatino’s videos? Okay we’ve got some experts in the room. You guys are very well studied. A bunch of you, which is awesome. This is narrated by Dr. Anthony Levatino who’s a former abortionist and he now uses his platform to spread the truth about what abortion actually is and you can play the video now.

Just last Friday another late-term abortionist passed away.

Leroy Carhatt…has anyone heard of Leroy Carhart Leroy Carhart…unlike Dr. Kathy Altman, never changed his mind, never changed his ways, and he was dismembering and giving lethal injections to preborn infants even months up until his death.

He died in his late 80s, but by the time of his death, Carhart had murdered tens of thousands of children. At his death, Planned Parenthood mourned and their president Alexis McGill tweeted about what a noble defender of women Carhart had been. But the reality of his legacy is that he leaves behind the bodies, the dead bodies of thousands of children that never had a chance, never had a chance to be born, never had a chance to live their lives.

One of our undercover investigators a few years ago sat down with Leroy Carhart, a friend of mine, a very brave mom, a first-time mom. She was 23 weeks pregnant with her first child and this Live Action investigator sat down with Leroy Carhart and asked him what it was like, what is abortion like, and he told her that it was like using a tool kit to rip apart something that you kind of have a chainsaw and you kind of have a pickaxe and you have a drill bit, and they said well is there any chance the baby would survive the abortion and Carhart said I have better luck standing in front of a semi truck that’s coming at me 100 miles per hour than this baby will. And the craziest thing is that Carhart called his victim a baby. He knew…and that’s the thing many many know many today know they know what you just saw they know what they’re doing and even in the pro-choice world some people know, some don’t and we need to persuade them but many know they know it’s a baby and they don’t care. And that’s why laws matter, that’s why laws matter to hold back the worst excesses of the human heart that’s willing to do evil even when they know it’s evil.

And that’s why we have to fight not just to change hearts and minds but to change laws and so what’s our responsibility? We talked about what a human being is, what abortion is, it’s clear so what’s our response? What do we do in response?

And there’s three things I want to encourage you to do: Number one, take a stand. Take a stand and be unapologetically against the killing of innocent lives at any point for any reason. Be unapologetically anti-abortion. And your conviction, your willingness to not apologize for speaking and standing for what is right will inspire others. It might ruffle feathers or make waves at first but I guarantee you it will inspire other people who deep down know the truth and deep down maybe are afraid to acknowledge it or admit it or state it but your willingness to stand up for the most vulnerable to stand up against the most violent acts committed against children today that are being that have been legalized will inspire others. So be 100 percent against abortion, have a zero tolerance policy for the destruction of innocent lives including and especially the lives that are being destroyed in the womb. And we have to urge this for our lawmakers too, we have to urge this for people who advocate in our leadership to say listen, all of this compromise, the language of compromise, let’s ban abortion at 20 weeks, no if you’ve got the votes do more. Florida is an example of this, Governor DeSantis, one re-election in a land side as governor of Florida, they had a 15-week abortion ban, okay 15 week abortion ban is a step towards progress but there are thousands of children, and especially in the South right now, there are thousands of women and men that are driving them, that are going to Florida as an abortion destination to kill children up to 15 weeks, and so Florida took us another step in the right direction by banning abortion after six weeks. The baby at six weeks, as you saw baby Olivia, at six weeks the heart’s already beating, but that’s not enough either.

Are we going to acknowledge the  reality of when human life begins? Are we going to pretend that some human lives are sub-human and so we have to be unapologetic about calling for the protection of all children and also acknowledge that our constitution says this already? Our 14th amendment has an equal protection clause in it that says that we all deserve equal protection under the law and that no state has the right to deprive anyone of life without due process. There’s no due process for the five-week-old embryo, there’s no due process for the 20 week old baby, there’s no due process for a child in the womb today. Obviously they’re innocent, there’s no justification to kill them in any court anyways, and so we need to be unapologetic in opposing abortion and saying every life needs to be protected and we need to be unapologetic in stating the truth that abortion does not advance women. This is a complete lie that’s been shoved down our throats that abortion actually pits us against our own children as Mother Teresa says it creates a destruction of peace, it destroys peace, it creates disharmony in the place that should be the safest the womb and the bond that should be the most the most tender between a mother and her child, between a parent and their child. And so reject the lie that abortion is good for women.

Secondly, we need to change our attitude about family and children. You know Gen Z’ers are increasingly hopeless about family life. Increasingly Gen Z’ers don’t want to have children, they think it’s going to destroy the environment, they think climate change is going to doom us. Also why even have children, they think why get married, we’re just going to divorce. There’s a hopelessness that has settled in on Gen Z’ers and on many Millennials that says it’s not even worth it, kind of giving up on love, it’s giving up on family and it’s giving up on our future which is children, and I want to challenge you to embrace the very things that many today are giving up on and instead see that our purpose in life as human beings is love and that we find love in relationship, we don’t find love in career. We don’t find love in personal pursuits, we don’t find love in just traveling the world by ourselves, we don’t find love in money, we don’t find love in fashion, ultimately these can be beautiful things or good things but ultimately we find love in relationship and we find the most meaningful bonds of love in family, the family that were given and the family that we choose, and so I want to encourage you to choose family. I want to encourage you to choose love and I want to encourage you to get married. Get married, obviously prepare to be as healthy as you can and prepared as you can, but find love and keep it and with that love be passionate and positive about children.

Children are amazing. I’m blessed with two little boys, they’ve changed my life. I hope to have many more. I hope to get to at least six, seven kids. I’m one of eight so the more the merrier. And I promise they will not hurt our planet, they will make our planet more beautiful than ever. As Mother Teresa says how can anyone say there are too many children? It’s like saying there are too many flowers. What’s more beautiful than a flower? A child. Children are the most beautiful, so celebrate love and keep it. Fight for family, fight for children, and be unapologetic about the love that you have for family, marriage, and children.

And then finally use your privilege to empower others. Every single person in this room has an incredible privilege. You’re born. You survived abortion. You weren’t one of the one third almost of our generation that was killed post-Roe v. Wade by abortionists. That’s privilege right there. You made it out alive, you are alive, you have endless possibilities in front of you of what you can do with your one beautiful life. Use it well.  Use it well. Use it to fight for the vulnerable, use it to care about the things that really matter, use it to serve other people, use it to find those that need help and go out to help them. There’s some great practical ways to do this. Pregnancy centers are places that serve mothers, young families and children especially those that are abortion vulnerable. 

Find the pregnancy centers in your area and support them, volunteer at them, donate to them, find out how you can serve them. If you know a single mom, many of us do, find out how you can help her. Send her a DoorDash gift certificate, show up if you know her and ask her when you can show up, obviously you don’t just show up at her door it might be creepy, but ask her how, when you can show up and clean her house, clean her apartment ask her what she needs, get to know her. Serve her, love her. She’s doing something heroic, she’s raising a human being without the help that she deserves, so try to be some of that help. There’s a way to get involved in serving foster children if you are a single person instead of fostering to adopt them or fostering them, you can actually be an advocate for them find out how you can support foster children in your community you can go through a six month–I think it’s about a six month–training program to be a child advocate.

Find ways to serve, find ways to love. Use your privilege to empower others and I guarantee you that when we do that, when we use the one beautiful life that we each have been blessed with to serve others, our life becomes more rewarding, more rich, more meaningful than we could have imagined otherwise. Thank you all so much and I’m excited for questions.