While kicking a robot dog generates headlines, helping to kill unplanned children doesn’t seem to be as big of a deal.

Boston Dynamics is a Google-owned company that specializes in military robotics. One of its creations is “Spot”–a four legged machine that’s remarkably good at maintaining its balance. To demonstrate this, Spot’s creators have released video footage of it staying on its feet while being kicked. There’s just one problem: Spot (as its name suggests) looks vaguely like a dog, which means that the sight of it getting kicked makes people uneasy.

Reddit commenters describe feeling sadness and “guilt” after watching the video, while one news outlet posted a headline declaring that “Google wants you to kick this dog” before asking if the behavior was “inhumane.” It seems odd that Google would draw criticism for having its employees kick an unfeeling device made out of plastic and metal. After all, plenty of others are helping to kill unplanned children, something that the news media doesn’t seem too interested in.

Planned Parenthood is a massive organization with a simple slogan: “Care. No matter what.” When they’re not busy providing “care,” some of its employees spend their time offering to help pimps, introducing underage teens to porn, and covering up sexual abuse. But their most profitable activity, however, is performing abortions. It’s something they do over three hundred thousand times every year.

According to the Guttmacher Institute, more than a third of abortions in America are done after the ninth week of a pregnancy, the point at which a little boy or girl has developed eyes, legs, and toes. Around ten thousand of those abortions take place following the twenty first week, which is especially disturbing for two reasons. First, the process, known as D&E (Dilation and Evacuation), involves using forceps to dismember the child. Second, there’s evidence to suggest that he or she can feel it happening.

D&E Abortion Procedure via NRLC.

D&E Abortion Procedure via NRLC.

Research by Dr. Kawaljeet Anand at the University of Tennessee suggests that a fetus can experience pain by week twenty. While there is debate over these findings, University of Utah neurobiologist Maureen Condic insists that “there is sufficient uncertainty to warrant giving the fetus the benefit of the doubt.”

Not that any of this has stopped corporations from supporting Planned Parenthood, with the group publicly listing corporate entities that match donations made by their employees. Interestingly, few mainstream media outlets have questioned whether those decisions are humane. But, although Planned Parenthood’s donor list is broad and powerful, there’s one supporter who’s been particularly helpful.

Every year, Planned Parenthood receives over five hundred million dollars in funding from the federal government, despite a history of scandals and financial irregularity. While businesses might insist on supporting Planned Parenthood, taxpayers shouldn’t have to. Live Action has created a petition calling on Congress to defund and investigate the abortion giant. You can find it here, as well as video evidence of Planned Parenthood’s misdeeds.

The simple fact is that public funding of abortion should raise a lot more questions than scenes of an object getting kicked. It’s time that Congress was willing to ask them.

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