Planned Parenthood staff explains ‘POC’ rooms: Pieces of Children

Live Action has just released a new video interview featuring former Planned Parenthood nurse Marianne Anderson, who describes how the abortionists she worked with at Planned Parenthood became desensitized to — and even fascinated with — the killing of preborn children:

While this should certainly shock us, this kind of desensitization to the deaths of in-utero human beings is not new. It has been described before by others who were once in the abortion industry. Some have described what goes on in the “POC (products of conception)” room.

Former Planned Parenthood facility director Abby Johnson stated in a 2015 Facebook post:

When I worked at Planned Parenthood, I was trained to be a POC technician. POC stands for “Products of Conception.” Sometimes, if the staff were feeling funny, we would say that it stood for “Pieces of Children.”

Inside every abortion clinic across the country, someone is tasked to be the POC technician. Their job is to take everything suctioned out of the uterus during an abortion and reassemble the parts of the baby. We did this to ensure that the uterus was empty of all fetal parts. If something was left, it could create a potentially fatal infection for the woman.

In 2015, Johnson also stated in an article for National Review, “[T]he freezer where we stored all of the dead babies was called ‘the nursery.'” Johnson has spoken several times about the ways abortion workers may make coarse jokes about their jobs in an effort to cope with what they do every day. At one point, Johnson recalled a conversation which led her to justify that aborting late-term babies was “better than [putting them in] a dumpster.”

Live Action News’ Sarah Terzo writes of an account by pro-choice author Magda Denes, who interviewed abortion workers and even watched abortions for her book, “In Necessity and Sorrow: Life and Death in an Abortion Hospital.” In the book, Denes states that during a lunch with abortion workers, coarse joking ensued about the content of the “overdone, tasteless stew” served in the cafeteria that day:

… “What do you think this is made of?” Someone asks. “Venison,” I say. “Pigeon,” says Betsy. “Don’t be silly,” says one of the counselors “there is a hell of a lot cheaper meat to be found around here.” All of us laugh, guffaw, splutter, and slap each other on the arms. It is the funniest thing we have heard in years…

“Get a hold of yourself, ladies,” Rachel says. “This is unseemly.” She is right, of course, but all of us laugh again.

“I think it’s a Greek dish,” says Teresa, laughing so hard that tears begin to roll down her face and we can barely understand her. “It’s fetustu.” There is no containing any of us now. “There is mincemeat pie for dessert,” someone shouts. “And that isn’t tomato juice you’re drinking,” adds somebody else. Most of us are doubled over. The air is filled with the shrieks, and gasps, and gurgles. My sides begin to ache.

But perhaps nothing shows the desensitization to killing more vividly than the Center for Medical Progress’s visit to Planned Parenthood of the Rocky Mountains. Beginning at 8:37 in the video below, we see inside the abortion center’s pathological laboratory (or POC lab), where aborted children are reassembled and their body parts are analyzed for possible procurement. The body parts of an aborted baby at just over 11 weeks gestation are identifiable by the medical assistant and abortionist Savita Ginde — and even the sex is known, as we hear “Another boy!” exclaimed at the end of the video (WARNING: disturbing content):

“Another boy” — another boy who was killed and then picked over for potentially profitable body parts in the POC room.

Those in the abortion industry can only kill for so long before they become immune to the horrors of what their own hands have done. Before too long, they’re munching on salad and sipping wine while discussing fetal livers, haggling over prices of fetal organs, and discussing the “freshness” of the body parts they provide to fetal tissue procurement agencies.

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