What’s wrong with the world, and what you can (and should) do about it

I know, I know…another one of those negative, depressed posts where someone goes off about all that’s wrong in the world. But stick around – this post will be different. I promise.

It seems like negativity and people’s bad opinions of other people surround us wherever we go. Is anything right? Is there anything good or positive to talk about?

You, yes you, can change the world.

You – yes, you – can change the world.

Well, yes. As a matter of fact, there’s plenty of right and good and positive. It’s all a matter of perspective and focus. And, I’d propose, it’s also a matter of what you do. If you sit around and talk about the things that are wrong with the world – and that’s all you do – then, yes, I suppose you would have plenty of negativity in your life.

But instead, if you minor on the talk and major on the action – actually doing your part to fix what’s wrong with the world – I wager you’ll be seeing a lot of positive. For, in the midst of pain and wrong and death and sadness, there are always stories of hope and love and joy and life. Find those stories, and never lose them. Find the rays of light in your bad experiences and focus on them when darkness begins to press in.

So what’s wrong with the world? One of the main problems boils down to plain old selfishness. When people choose themselves and their wants and their conveniences and their preferences and their own good above the good of another, bad things happen. On top of that, when people choose what they want despite the cost to another person, despite the pain it causes another person, and even despite the death of another person – well, you know what terrible things come out of that. Abortion is a perfect example. If you don’t agree, read this article and this one, and then tell me that abortion is a positive choice that doesn’t harm a valuable, unique human being.

How can we battle this selfishness? How can we stay in the fight and not lose heart? It is, after all, very difficult to be victorious over another person’s selfishness unless that person’s heart is changed. So what can we do?

1. Remember that you do not control what others choose.

This is pretty basic, but it’s worth reminding ourselves of. We live only our lives, not anyone else’s. We should most certainly work to persuade others to choose what is right and to value life – but we cannot force them to do so. We can say and do everything right, and still, someone else may choose everything wrong. Remember that you did what you could. It’s time to get up and do it again.

2. Remember why you are in the fight.

I have a few little trinkets that help me remember why I fight for life. I have a smooth stone with a Bible reference to the story of David and Goliath written on it. This reminds me that though I am small and my fight may seem impossible at times, I serve a God much bigger than myself. He can conquer anything, and because I serve Him, I have no cause to fear. I may be small; I may accomplish little – but I can be brave.

Passion of the ChristI also have a “Personhood Now” pin with the face of an unborn baby printed on it. My first big battle in the pro-life movement was the 2008 Colorado Personhood campaign. I see this pin and remember that I cannot stop until every single human being is recognized as a full person, with equal rights under the law.

The third trinket I keep is a Passion stone. After I saw The Passion of the Christ, I bought this stone, and it reminds me that I believe in Someone Who has made a much bigger sacrifice for life than I will ever make. Nothing I do can compare to the measure of His love and sacrifice. Therefore, nothing is “too much” to ask of me.

3. Remember the worth of every life saved and every heart changed.

It’s easy to remember the negative comments, the people who choose abortion anyway, and the people who look at you with hate in their eyes. But forget all that. Lay it aside. Remember that one single baby is worth the effort of your entire life. Remember that one single heart changed is worth all the time and effort you spend. And remember that you are almost certainly having an influence on much more than “one.”

4. Remember to remember the truth.

Ahhh…in today’s age, it can be so easy to let yourself slide on the truth. You may think you’ll more easily persuade someone if you fudge on the real facts about unborn life and what abortion really is. Love them, and know that you often speak differently to different people, but do not compromise on truth for the sake of what’s called “love,” but isn’t really love at all.

Or maybe you haven’t studied out the truth like you should. Spend the time to get educated. Learn your stuff. Start speaking up. Just do it. Then, when the time comes, you will be able to confidently shed light on the truth.

5. Remember to choose love. Always. Love always.

As a Christian, I know that I am called to speak the truth in love. I know that my God loves everyone, no matter their choices. And I know that, at the heart of all He does is love. So this must be my way as well.

Perhaps you have heard the song “Show the Way”? If not, listen to it right now. It is one of the most beautiful songs in the world, and it will help you remember to choose love always.

6. Remember to act.

Now we’re back to the beginning, right where my little article started. Yes, there are plenty of wrong things with the world. But instead of only talking about them or wishing them away, realize that you (yes, you) must do something about it. Abortion is wrong? Then fix it.

Note: If you want ideas on how to get involved and what you can do to stop abortion today, take a look at the following resources:

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