Pro-life to-do list

We spend a lot of time talking about how important the pro-life cause is, but there’s a lot to say for actually giving people practical things to do. Here’s a list of ways to help out.

We spend a lot of time talking about how important our cause is, but I think oftentimes we can fall into the trap of vaguely advocating activism without giving people practical things to do. I think a good deal of people would love to do more, but they just don’t know what to do. That’s certainly the case with me. So what I’ve come up with is a practical list of things you can do to help fight abortion. This is by no means anywhere near an exhaustive list, so if you have other ideas to add, please post them in the comments below.

We must make the choice to ACT, instead of sitting on the sidelines any longer.

I personally think the number one–and most important–idea is to pray. Pray every day for the ending of abortion. Prayer is probably our strongest weapon. We need to let God enter our lives and let Him use us as His instruments. We need God more involved. So before you do anything else – even go on reading this article – I suggest that you stop for a moment and pray to God, offering yourself as His weapon to use against abortion. I can guarantee that this prayer will be answered. After that, maybe go over to Priests for Life, where they have a very handy page with a whole bunch of pro-life prayers. I recommend making a daily commitment to either say one of those prayers or come up with your own.

My number two biggest suggestion is to pray, witness, and sidewalk-counsel outside abortion clinics. 40 Days for Life is a great way to do this, but regardless, make it a big priority in your monthly–even weekly–schedule. This is the unborn babies’ last line of defense. Don’t be afraid of sidewalk counseling! Not only is it vitally important, but it’s very, very easy. I suggest taking a look at this, compiled by an experienced sidewalk counselor in Chicago, for practical tips on how to do it effectively. In regards to 40 Days for Life, get connected with the people running the nearest campaign and stay in touch. If there isn’t one by you…start one!

Here are my other ideas for involvement:

Volunteer at your nearest Crisis Pregnancy Center. This is the other half of the pro-life battle, which works as a complement to the sidewalk counseling–offering real, solid help to these women who are in crisis pregnancies. Donate money, time, and other materials the center may need. Get to know the place and the people there. This can make you a reliable source of help to women who might be seeking an abortion.

Wear a pro-life badge and/or t-shirt, and get pro-life bumper stickers. You never know how you might change people’s lives by something as simple as an indication that you’re pro-life. You have an important influential power over the people you interact with. The more people who see the pro-life message, the better!

Promote the pro-life message online. This is huge, and there’s tons that could be said on this. But here are just a few ideas..

  • Turn your profile icon on any given site (be it Facebook, Twitter, whatever) into a pro-life image.
  • Make your signature a good pro-life quote and/or a link to a pro-life website.
  • Spread the message through comments on blogs, articles, YouTube, and other places. If you see an article, video, or any sort of post that is contrary to the pro-life message, take a few moments and comment on it.
  • Share pro-life videos (such as Live Action’s videos), websites, and articles like this one or others on Live Action News.
  • Debate with people. I can guarantee that you will run into plenty of people who are very vocal on the other side. Debate them, and do your best to convince them. But always be polite, and never lose your cool. Getting angry just doesn’t help, and it makes us all look bad. Be nice, polite, and charitable, and know your stuff.
  • Use social media tools! Your friends on Facebook or other social sites may very well look at the issue differently because it’s coming from you, their friend! Be creative!
  • If you can write, write a piece for Live Action and send it in to [email protected].

To that end, subscribe to pro-life news sites and blogs. Obviously subscribe to Live Action News; I’d also highly recommend LifeSiteNews, LifeNews, and Jill Stanek’s blog. Follow Live Action and other pro-life groups and individuals on Facebook and Twitter.

Educate yourself. Read pro-life books and articles, listen to pro-life speeches…be an expert on this issue! Another good way to become an expert is by debating people – online or offline. Challenge yourself by listening to the arguments of the other side. If you’re stuck on an issue, ask for help from someone.

Join pro-life groups. Are there any local pro-life groups in your city, community, or school? Join one. If there aren’t, start one with your friends. Don’t be a lone ranger. Unite your efforts with the efforts of the people around you. Get your friends to do activities with you! Organize groups of three to five people or so to go stand outside abortion clinics or volunteer at a crisis pregnancy center. Are you a college student? Is there a pro-life group on your campus? If not, get connected with Students for Life and start one! Is there a city or statewide organization where you are? Get connected with them. Keep up to date on local pro-life activities. Not only does keeping in close contact with pro-life groups strengthen your efforts, but it also makes it a lot harder to get depressed over a lack of immediate results.

Live Action has some ways for you to get involved right here.

Talk about these issues with your friends, at school, and at work. If you’re a student and there’s an opportunity in class to spread the message–take it! Get everyone you know working hard to fight abortion. Be vocal about this issue! Speak up in conversations! Be open and up-front about the pro-life message! Contact the people in your area. Maybe go door to door. A lot of people just haven’t sat down and given the abortion issue any serious thought. If you can at least get people to really think about it, you’ve done a whole lot of good.

Go to the March for Life. Probably about the best way to be inspired to do more pro-life activities. Also, go to other pro-life conferences and events. They’re a great way to get connected with more pro-lifers. Participate in things like the Life Chain. Or organize your own event! It could even be just a small conference with your friends at your house.

Spread pro-life magazines and literature. One great resource is Live Action’s The Advocate. Distribute issues at events, give them to your friends, mail them out. Stick them in books from the library! Look for good, legal places to put them. Ask around at places you frequent. Put up banners, signs, posters. I encourage you to make your own graphics and literature! Carry them around with you wherever you go; you never know when you’ll happen upon a great chance to give some out.

Note:  Good things to give out are things that summarize the pro-life arguments, leaflets that show pictures of the baby in the womb and month-by-month development, and brochures for local CPCs or groups like Rachel’s Vineyard (for post-abortive healing).

Write letters to the editors of newspapers and media outlets. When you see a newspaper with a piece that supports abortion or attacks the pro-life movement, complain about it. Write a letter to the editor or to the author of the article. Don’t just stand by and let them lie and deceive people in the media. Step up and use your voice.  Also, write letters of support if a pro-life article is ever written or a pro-life effort has been given a good report.

Contact legislators! America is a government of the people, by the people, and for the people.  Theses legislators are there representing you. Do not hesitate to let them hear from you about any pro-life issue. A phone call, personal letter, or e-mail can go a long way.

These are just a few things you can do. It’s ultimately up to you to decide how much you’re willing to give of yourself to save unborn children from death and stop abortion.

Be creative, be bold, and don’t be afraid! This is a huge issue, and your work might really save lives! Even just one human life is worth the effort. You always have time, but it may mean giving up other things. Your sacrifice is what is going to help end abortion. Do not be a bystander. Speak up and be an active warrior for the unborn. You must be the voice for those who do not have one. Don’t ever get discouraged, and keep up the fight!

If anyone else has other suggestions, go ahead and post them below.

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