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Vote pro-life: It’s your duty and your privilege

Election Day is quickly closing in on us. There’s now just over a week before Americans will find out the results of many hotly contested races around the nation.

For pro-lifers, a number of these races are more than just hotly-contested: they’re a literal matter of life and death.

As pro-lifers, as Americans, and as concerned citizens, it’s both our duty and our privilege to vote pro-life in this election and in every election.

It’s simply not okay to stay home or to fail to register to vote.

In some states, it’s too late to register. (But you can always get registered before the next election…and don’t wait so long next time!) But in ten states, plus the District of Columbia, “same-day registration” is allowed. So, if you’re  a pro-lifer, you live in one of these states, and you’re not registered to vote, you should still show up to your polling place, register, and VOTE!

We can’t only speak out against abortion to our friends, families, and on our Facebook pages. This is important – essential, in fact. But we simply must take the responsible step of getting out and voting for pro-life candidates and pro-life issues.

Do your research. Yes, it takes some precious time, and I know you’re busy. However, if we want abortion to end, we need to be dedicated enough to spend a few minutes or a couple hours researching the candidates and issues on our individual ballots. Share the results of your research with your family and friends who might be interested.

I believe our nation is close to passing a national ban on abortions after 20 weeks – abortions in which it’s known that the baby experiences pain. Babies likely experience pain much sooner. For instance, it’s known that babies definitely respond to touch by only five weeks after conception. The baby in the video below, is only days away from this five week mark.

Every baby, at every stage of life, is equally valuable and equally deserving of protection. But, we must act now to save the ones we can. And how we vote in the 2014 election can influence the saving of lives.

The U.S. House has passed a ban on abortions after 20 weeks. And yet, the Senate refused to consider it. Our votes, both in 2014 and in the years to come, could change this.

Through our votes, we can save lives. We can, and we must.

So go submit your vote this year, and get all of your pro-life friends to do the same!

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