Video: The simple science behind Hobby Lobby’s fight against free emergency contraception

Many of us have become immune to the term “the Hobby Lobby case” by now. The case, Hobby Lobby v. Sebelius, has been circling in the media for a very long time, and the Supreme Court dragged it out by waiting until the last possible day they could decide on it (today). Google it and you’ll be presented with over 23 million results.

Hobby Lobby Case search results

The case may seem confusing, because Obamacare (aka the Affordable Care Act) is confusing. But believe it or not, the science behind Hobby Lobby’s lawsuit is not confusing. In fact, this simplistic video explains in under 3 minutes why the company’s owners have a problem with being forced to cover free emergency contraception in their employees’ benefits packages:

The video, produced by the Population Research Institute, explains the easy-to-understand fact that emergency contraception (such as Plan B) has the very real ability to cause abortion. Hobby Lobby’s owners take issue with being forced to pay for abortion. Media have incessantly claimed that this lawsuit reflects a desire by Hobby Lobby’s owners to enforce their religious beliefs on their employees. But secular pro-lifers far and wide insist that forcing anyone to provide a potential death sentence (aka emergency contraception) free of charge impinges on basic human rights, not just religious liberty.

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