VIDEO: “What Was Your Name?” – A song for the preborn

In the music industry, it’s rare to hear a song that is honest, meaningful, and controversial, yet marketable. While the usual topics are just fine sometimes, it’s refreshing to hear an artist step outside typical, predictable subject matter, and write about real life: pain, mistakes, regret. Joyce Bartholomew is such an artist; “What Was Your Name?” is such a song.

Bartholomew explains that her desire to write “What Was Your Name?” came from her conviction about the millions of children who have been aborted since Roe v. Wade. “My heart was broken for all these people who never had a chance to live their lives… I wrote ‘What Was Your Name?’ as a way to recognize these lives that ended before they had a chance to begin.”

Friends, my music video “What Was Your Name” which was recently removed from YouTube, is now officially on Facebook. Please share it with others. Thank you for your support.

Posted by Joyce Bartholomew on Tuesday, May 20, 2014

On her website, Joyce Bartholomew discusses her work as an opening act for Mission: Preborn sponsorship concerts. “I had been singing cover songs…and was receiving a good response, but I felt increasingly discontent with singing other people’s songs,” she says. “I knew I had something unique to say! I started writing my own songs because I wanted the audience to get to know my personal stories, my heart, and me as an artist so I could connect with them in a deeper way.”

As the young lady depicted in the song finds forgiveness and hope she rejoices, “Even in the darkness there’s hope that I’ll see you again one day. And when I see your face I’ll know. In heaven we’ll have so much to say.”

You can find more about Joyce in this YouTube video, where she shares her story.

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