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Video: Adalia Rose gushes about mom’s latest pregnancy

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Adalia Rose, a vivacious young girl who has progeria, recently took to social media to announce to her fans her newest sibling’s upcoming birth.

In the video posted to Facebook, she sat on her mom’s lap and rubbed her burgeoning belly as she said, “All my friends have been asking if my mom’s going to have another baby. But she is!”

“He’s a boy,” she said. “She’s going to have a boy, and his name is Niko. Every time I talk to him, he kicks me everywhere I move my hand.”

In keeping with her happy and outgoing personality, Adalia ended her announcement by blowing a kiss to the audience.

Adalia quickly rose to fame after her mother shared this video of her showing off her adorable and energetic dance moves last year, when Adalia was six.

Adalia’s condition, progeria, causes her to age much more quickly than the average person. This in turn means that her life expectancy is much shorter than most people. Children with progeria are typically expected to live just fourteen years.

Adalia is clearly living life to the fullest, regardless of how many years she may have left to do so. She is yet another beautiful example of how valuable every single life is.

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