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‘Very pornographic’ textbook for ninth-graders sparks outrage

A public school district in Fremont, California is coming under fire from local parents for including a sexually explicit 400-page textbook in its curriculum for ninth-graders (i.e., thirteen-to-fifteen-year-olds).

According to a local CBS station, the almost 400-page-long “Your Health Today” contains subject matter ranging from bondage to vibrators to binge-drinking, complete with explicit imagery that parents say qualifies as pornography.

When confronted, Fremont Unified School District superintendent Jim Morris defended the book by saying that “teachers won’t be teaching about sex toys[.]” He did not mention whether Fremont’s schools would rip out the pages covering this material, or whether they would leave it for high school students (and their younger siblings at home) to leaf through.

CBS reporter Chris Filippi interviewed some “riled up” San Francisco area parents regarding the explicit textbook, even showing them some pages. “It’s a bit much for me,” one mother said: “I mean, wow, that’s, the graphics are extreme – oh my gosh.”

Live Action is in the midst of an investigation exposing a similarly disturbing ethos at Planned Parenthood. So far, counselors at four different Planned Parenthood facilities have been exposed giving disturbing sex advice to what they think are teenagers, including endorsements of bondage, sadomasochism, 50 Shades of Grey, internet pornography, and brick-and-mortar sex shops.

In the wake of Live Action’s first video, which took place in Indianapolis, local news agencies found identical parent reactions to the ones reported by CBS. One mother told RTV6’s Drew Smith, “It’s no wonder each generation seems to get further and further away from the principles of family and decency and self-respect when we are trying to teach our youth to be no more than an – animals don’t even act that way. I can’t even degrade animals that way.” Per another mom, speaking with WTHR, “everything that they were saying was just inappropriate.”

Lila Rose, president of Live Action, called the California story evidence of a clash between parents and public-school officials. “There’s a clear difference of opinion surfacing between parents on the one side and government-run schools on the other. The people on one side want to protect their own children from harm, while the other side seems to want to push extremely inappropriate sexual activity and a radical ideology on others’ kids.”

Over a thousand people have signed a petition to get “Your Health Today” removed from Fremont’s health classes. As Rose put it, “[p]arents aren’t powerless – and many are getting involved now on the community level to kick these fake ‘sex educators’ out of our schools.”

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