Three Planned Parenthood clinics closing in Oregon after drastic drop in patient visits

Abortion advocates complain that pro-lifers are causing the closure of abortion clinics across the country, and painting this as a crisis for women. But this isn’t always the case — less patients also leads to less clinics, which is exactly what led to the closing of three Planned Parenthood clinics in Oregon.

Planned Parenthood says it is closing three clinics in the Portland area: in Clackamas, Gresham and Clark County. Two months ago, it closed an office in McMinnville, Ore. The organization reports a 30 percent drop in patient visits, in part because of the increased use of long-acting reversible contraceptives and new guidelines for Pap tests. The office in Clark County that is closing is at 2105 N.E. 129th St. Suite 105

Will abortion activists be happy about this development? Probably not — in all likelihood, they’ll either bemoan it or ignore it altogether. It also goes to show how Planned Parenthood’s entire business revolves around abortions. They paint themselves as a “women’s health care provider,” but the reality is that they exist to perform abortions. And without the money from abortion rolling in, Planned Parenthood simply could not survive.

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