The marketing and the movement

Recently, a popular pro-abortion blog discussed “anti-choicers and their swag.”  The writer mocked a wide range of pro-life propaganda from pens and checks to t-shirts and chewing gum.  She questioned the reasoning behind many of these life affirming items and poked fun of the men and women who purchased them.  The author was witty, she was sarcastic, and – IN MY HUMBLE OPINION – she was RIGHT.

Now, let me be clear, I certainly do not suggest that the author was correct in her pro-choice position, or any comments she made in her writing referring to that agenda.  BUT – I do believe she clearly – and quite comically – highlighted, within her blog post, a problematic tendency of many well-meaning individuals who call themselves PRO-LIFE.   That problematic tendency is this: THEY FLAUNT THE MARKETING AND FORGET THE MOVEMENT.

Some of us have forgotten the fight before us, a fight that will not be won with clever bumper stickers and smiling babies on posters.  Our mission, as pro-lifers, is to save those who cannot save themselves, defend the defenseless and advocate for the human lives that are being murdered in daily multitudes by men and women who could care less about the shirts we are wearing.  Changing the way the world views the unborn and challenging America and the rest of the world to WAKE UP and stop the killing – are not goals that can be attained through buying more stuff to adorn our cars, our lockers or our bodies.  Instead, these goals will only be achieved through educating the public and exposing the abortion industry – and neither of these tasks require a pro-life uniform.  Marketing has some value, but consumer goods are NOT what this movement is about.  What a shame, if we have ever given an impression to the contrary.

I am not asking our readers to stop buying items that display the passion of their hearts.  As a matter of fact, as I write this post the word “LIFE” is tattooed on my neck and a Bound4Life bracelet is on my wrist.  I have the gear.  I like the gear.  I know that a portion of the proceeds from several pro-life vendors is donated to organizations that make a difference in the fight for life and I do believe that boldly proclaiming our stance is honorable.  BUT – OUR PASSION CANNOT STOP AT SLOGANS ON STUFF.  We need to physically and financially support the pro-life cause in which we believe even when it doesn’t come with “swag.”    We need to put our money where our mouths are and fund the movement rather than (or in addition to) flaunting the marketing.

Right now, YOU have an opportunity to FUND THE MOVEMENT.  Live Action has been offered $125,000 towards our efforts to educate the public and expose Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry.  However, the $125,000 is in the form of a matching grant and will only be given to our organization in equal amount to the donations that we raise from readers like you.  Don’t simply flaunt the marketing and forget the movement – DONATE TODAY – and help Live Action continue our efforts to advocate for LIFE and uncover the corruption of abortion.

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