Texans aren’t too excited about celebrating abortion

Pro-life versus Pro-Choice, Blue vs. Orange, abortion

Remember that fundraiser Wendy Davis is holding — you know, the one celebrating her failed pro-abortion filibuster that vaulted her into the public eye? Well, apparently, it isn’t going that well. So few tickets are being sold that the Davis campaign is being forced to give them away.

General admission to the event is $20, but it appears the campaign isn’t generating the response it wanted, and is now resorting to giving away free tickets to entice people to attend.

NARAL (formerly the National Abortion and Reproductive Rights Action League) Pro-Choice Texas is providing interested parties who don’t want to pay $20 with free tickets.

Wendy Davis is no fool — she knows that most Texans didn’t support her filibuster, and in actuality, approved of the bill she was trying to stop. That’s probably why she wants you to forget that she was filibustering a ban on late-term abortion. That’s probably why even she’s tweeting that people can get free tickets, too:

The only thing more embarrassing than having to give tickets away would be if only ten people showed up. At least if she fills the seats with people she begged to be there who will pretend to be enthusiastic, the pro-abortion media will paint the fundraiser as a success.

Pro-abortion activists are trying to pretend that Texas is just filled with pro-abortion extremists who are heartbroken over not being able to finally, finally kill babies in their third trimester, and therefore are somehow stronger than ever — but the reality is, sadly for them, rather different.

Wendy Davis’ campaign is a miserable failure as she committed misstep after misstep, leaving her trailing pro-life candidate Greg Abbott by double digits. They’re having to give tickets to this grotesque celebration of Davis’ pro-abortion filibuster away, leaving people to wonder where the so-called “orange army” is now. And despite all of their hard work, including mob-like tactics, the bill passed anyway, and abortion clinics are closing.

Texans heard your filibuster, Wendy Davis. They watched the screaming mob interfere with democratic process in the name of abortion. And Texans are sending their own message now, loud and clear: they aren’t interested in your pro-abortion extremism.

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