Ten condemnations of pro-lifers

Whether you’ve stood on a sidewalk outside of abortion clinics, worked on a pro-life campaign, counseled at a pregnancy resource center, or posted a Facebook status about the pro-life issue, you’ve likely encountered people who disagree with you. Perhaps vehemently.

Words may hurt us, but they should not change us.

Cruel words may hurt us, but they should not change us.

It can be hard, especially at first. It’s easy to wonder why someone would act like they hate you when all you’re doing is trying to save a life. It’s easy to be scared, to want to leave and never come back. It’s easy to let their words spin like a revolving door in your head late at night.

Here’s the thing: if someone criticizes you legitimately, take their criticism for what it’s worth and better yourself. An example of this might be, “Hey dude, don’t ring my doorbell ten times to hand me your stupid literature!” Yeah, once or twice might have been enough. You should have just left your flyer on their doorknob and moved on.

But here’s the other thing: if someone is throwing cruel, distasteful commentary at you, simply because they are uncomfortable with the fact that you stand for life and they stand for death – learn to be like a duck. Ducks rub an oil that comes out near their tails all over their bodies. Then, when they jump in the pond, the water droplets just roll right off their backs. Be like that. Cruel words may hurt us, but they should not change us.

In the spirit of realizing that you’re not the only one who some abortion supporters hate, read the following ten condemnations of pro-lifers, and feel good that this is the best that can be thrown at you. (Though tomatoes might be slightly less painful.)

Well, everyone on this site certainly got to the third grade and stopped there, because there’s no other explanation for being anti-choice. There is a potential human. A fetus is not a full human. How difficult is this to comprehend? (ANSWER: not difficult if you have a brain. That excludes anti-choicers).

Right. No explanation at all. Try this 71-page report full of explanations. Or these reasons. You could even take a look here for more resources backing up the pro-life position (including a paper that lists 101 reasons not to have an abortion). You could take a look at abortion’s effects on women. Finally, check out these real life stories of girls and women who’ve suffered from abortion, and then tell me there’s “no explanation” for opposing abortion and supporting life.

You are all, f*** idiots. How about, you all buck the hell out of other people’s lives and live your own? Too hard for you? Ok, how about, minding your own business? no, ok, i guess you’re just the interfering old bags, that believe another persons life is any of your d*** business but guess what… Nothing you say or do will stop anything and do you know why? Because the rest of the world aren’t as bat s*** crazy as you all are. Get a grip, go f*** up someone elses life better yet, your own.

Thank you. Actually, though, I care enough about people who are dying to “interfere” and attempt to stop their murder through peaceful efforts. I’m glad people who worked on the Underground Railroad and who saved Jews in Nazi Germany didn’t think that another person’s life wasn’t any of their “d*** business.” Countless lives throughout history have been saved because people made it their business to stop death in its tracks.

You go to hell!

Always a classic comeback. My favorite use of this phrase was by an old, seemingly grandmotherish lady who growled it at my little brother when he was about 10 or 11. He asked if she would sign a petition for an Infant Born Alive Protection Act or a Partial Birth Abortion Ban, and this was her reply when she looked at his petitions.

You’re making this up. This doesn’t happen in America.

Yes, someone said this to me. When I explained an abortion procedure to him, he really, truly, honestly didn’t believe me. Granted, this phrase isn’t used to condemn pro-lifers, and the people who use it don’t necessarily support abortion. But it’s very sad when people stick their heads in the sand and refuse to realize the truth when it’s handed to them. We can just hope and pray these people do a little Internet research on their own and come to terms with what is happening in America.

Pro-lifers oppose the entire concept of a minimum wage, as well as things like progressive taxation, union membership, universal healthcare, and public education.

A.) Whaaat??? Since when did you examine my voting record or ask me what my stance on other political issues are? B.) This isn’t the issue. If abortion supporters had such strong arguments on their side, they wouldn’t need to distract from the real issue by bringing up completely unrelated concepts. C.) One would hope we could all agree that every human life is inherently worthy of equal protection, irregardless of our agreement or disagreement on other political issues.

Words fail me on these last five “condemnations.” Or maybe it’s just that these ill-thought-out statements don’t deserve words…

You don’t like abortion? Don’t get one!

We’re not living in the 1930’s (or 40’s or 50’s or whatever decade they hate the most) anymore.

You’re a man! You don’t have a uterus, so zip it! (Or some more immature version of this. For an awesome comeback, take a look at this article – and be ready to have a good laugh.)

Are you really going to go adopt all these babies you think should be forcibly born? If not, be quiet!

You’re just a religious fanatic!

Sadly, instead of giving adequate thought and analysis to issues of life and death, many people spout out condemnations and accusations. Let’s do our best to be ducks when needed and let the meanness slip off our backs.

But let’s also do our best to reach these people, too, and to cultivate a heart of love – even towards those who sling hurtful words at us. No one is too far gone to reach…

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