Ted Cruz slams Supreme Court for ruling against Texas’ abortion safety regulations

In a 5-3 decision today, the Supreme Court voted to overturn the Texas law requiring abortion facilities to adhere to minimum health and safety standards, as well as hospital admitting privileges for abortionists. The decision came after plaintiff Whole Woman’s Health — an abortion chain with a long history of health and safety violations –sued to overturn the law, setting the court case into motion. In the majority opinion, the justices claimed that the law placed an “undue burden” onto women seeking abortions.

Texas Senator Ted Cruz made an unsuccessful bid to be the Republican Party’s nominee, losing to Donald Trump. But when he stepped down, he vowed to keep fighting for life, holding on to his delegates to make sure that the GOP would not lighten the party’s pro-life platform. He had been running as a 100% pro-life candidate. He wasted no time reacting to the Supreme Court ruling, calling it “disappointing” and slammed the justices for siding with the abortion lobby rather than protecting women’s health.

Cruz hit the nail on the head with this response. The Supreme Court clearly put a pro-abortion agenda before the health and safety of women.

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