Taxpayer funded falsehoods

Thanks to an open records request by Pro-Life Wisconsin, we now have an idea about some of the taxpayer money Planned Parenthood is using.

…in 2008, five Wisconsin counties wrote checks to Planned Parenthood. Among those counties is Outagamie County, where the Appleton Planned Parenthood is located. Outagamie County paid Planned Parenthood a total of $10,872.59 in 2008.

In addition to these county funds, the Appleton Planned Parenthood received $429,462.88 in 2007 under Wisconsin’s Family Planning Waiver Program. In total, Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin received $15.82 million. Through this federal/state program, minors as young as 15 receive free birth control, without their parents’ knowledge or consent.

LifeNews has also reported on this today: Govt Funds Wisconsin Planned Parenthood That Misled Women on Abortion

Here is the video that captures the misleading abortion counseling by Planned Parenthood of Wisconsin:

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