Medical waste drivers on bodies of aborted babies: They ‘get fried in the big oven’

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Stericycle, the waste disposal company infamous for hauling away leftover body parts of aborted babies (after the “usable” parts are brokered for profit) is in the spotlight again as pro-life organization Created Equal releases new videos of Stericycle drivers speaking out about their cargo: aborted babies.

While Stericycle claimed it had stopped hauling away aborted babies, drivers for the company say there was no change, and it’s still happening. The three videos in Created Equal’s Project Weak Link series reveal that Stericycle trucks across the nation are still hauling off the remains of aborted babies so they can be burned in a “big oven.” Below is the first of the three videos:

In the audio (which has this accompanying written letter), the driver explains how he felt every time he transported the baby parts, especially when the abortion facility met him across the street at the QT gas station in order to avoid the protesters at the facility. The driver says:

When I came to pick up at the abortion clinic, they’d pull three or four big Ziploc bags full of bloody baby parts out of the freezer that smelled very bad. I watched the nurse pull the bags out of the freezer with gloves on, put them in a red bag, put them in a cardboard box, and tape the box closed. The babies were mainly small, probably not even a month old. I didn’t want to look at it because I didn’t want to put any bad memories in my head. I believe if I had looked at it, I would have walked off the job.

Eventually, the driver would transport the aborted baby remains to the main plant in Concord, NC, where, he says, “[T]hey’d get fried in the big oven they have in that facility.”

This is not the case of one disgruntled driver; there are many stories from Created Equal documenting Stericycle’s practices. Will people continue to overlook Stericycle’s lies that it has stopped hauling aborted babies, when clearly, it hasn’t?

The Center for Medical Progress previously revealed how crucial medical waste disposal companies are to Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry. While the initial video was removed due to a court order, Created Equal has excerpts on its website, in which Michigan abortion facility operator Renee Chelian discusses the vitality of medical waste disposal to the abortion industry’s success. She details the dilemma of disposing of so many aborted babies’ bodies:

We thought, “We’ll give it to everybody in a gift bag. They can take it home [audience laughs], figure out what to do with it. It’s their pregnancy. Why is this our problem?”

Chelian also revealed their dependence on medical waste companies, saying:


And this is why medical waste companies are truly the abortion industry’s “weak link,” Created Equal explains:

According to the abortion industry’s own experts, medical waste companies such as Stericycle are the abortion industry’s weak link. Without them, the bodies will literally pile up inside the clinics and many abortion centers will be forced to close.

Since Created Equal’s launch of Project Weak Link in 2016, Stericycle, America’s largest waste hauler, disclosed the cancellation of over 400 hundred contacts with abortion facilities (see pages four and five of the amended complaint). However, despite continued denials by CEO Charles Alutto, eyewitnesses have repeatedly filmed Stericycle trucks receiving and transferring aborted babies at numerous abortion facilities across the country.

… Unless Stericycle refuses to enable abortion facilities in collecting, transporting, and disposing of fetal remains, as well as the instruments used to kill them and other waste, we will never stop exposing them to the public.

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Created Equal is asking the public to contact Stericycle CEO Charles Alutto to ask him to “stop enabling abortion by transporting and disposing of aborted babies and the instruments used to kill them.” Call (847) 607-2004 or click here to email. Here is the contact information for Stericycle departments and offices.

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