SlashFilm tries – and fails – to convince readers ‘abortions are moral and necessary’

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It is no secret that the entertainment industry and the media have long sided with the pro-abortion crowd in both coverage and storytelling. Long have we seen celebrities and pundits bemoan any sort of pro-life law, condemning anyone who may oppose ending the life of a preborn child. 

The entertainment news website SlashFilm (/Film) is no exception. Film commentator Witney Seibold slammed the overturning of Roe v. Wade and listed a group of ten films that shove abortion propaganda at the audience — but not before opining on the decision. 

After referencing the leaked Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization Supreme Court draft opinion in May, he wrote, “[I]t remains disheartening and infuriating to witness the overturn play out, as many understand that abortions will indeed continue in the United States, just illegally and more dangerously.” 

Right in the first paragraph, he regurgitates the “women will die” talking point that has long been debunked. Prior to Roe, women were not dying from illegal abortions in the numbers that the pro-abortion media has long been claiming. As Live Action researcher Carole Novielli noted in a piece debunking this point, “The fabricated statistics came from those who wanted to manipulate the public’s emotions to decriminalize abortion. We know this because former NARAL co-founder Bernard Nathanson admitted that the 5,000-10,000 annual death statistic fed to the public and media in the late 1960s was completely made up.”

Novielli further expalined, “In 1972, when abortion had already been made legal in several states, the CDC recorded 39 deaths from illegal abortion and 24 deaths from legal abortion. By 1973, the year Roe v. Wade was decided, the CDC reported that more women died from legal abortion than illegal abortions (25 v. 19).”

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Seibold did ironically note that politicians and pundits turn the issue into a “blithering proselytizing,” which can be confirmed if you listen to any pro-abortion thought leader for about two minutes. 

“Cinematic stories of abortion give the act a human face, showing audiences that there are people at the center of this debate,” he claimed. “Many films about abortion focus on the difficulty to obtain one and the stubborn taboo attached to getting one. In these movies, said difficulty creates unnecessary pain for — and gruffly wrests agency from — those seeking them.”

Cinema has long been used to promote abortion in pop culture and it is a shame that Hollywood does not use its bully pulpit to celebrate life. Some titles, such as Juno, do promote life by accident, but even these are rare. 

“[A]bortion is a moral obligation, an important health issue, and a necessary procedure that requires free and easy access for all,” Seibold concluded before going through his celebratory list of pro-abortion films. 

It is interesting to see how pro-abortion pundits declare abortion a moral obligation while ignoring what the procedure involves. As many pro-life human rights activists and former abortions note, it is incredible gruesome. Abortion procedures involve poisoning, dismembering, and in some cases, stabbing. 

It is also worth noting that abortions are never medically necessary, eliminating the lie that abortion is “an important health issue.” 

Neonatologist Dr. Kendra Kolb explained, “What women deserve to know… even in the most high risk pregnancies, there is no medical reason why the life of the child must be directly intentionally ended with an abortion procedure.”

As for the list of movies, SlashFilm gives off a litany of award-winning dramas, highly-ranked indies, and critically-acclaimed documentaries that spread the abortion industry’s propaganda with emotionalism, pandering, and outright misinformation. 

Fortunately, Live Action beat SlashFilm to the punch with its own list of films that affirm the right to life and the humanity of the preborn.

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