Six abortion workers who quit after seeing children who had been aborted

“I finally knew for certain that abortions were never performed on a blob of tissue, as they want the world to believe, but a real person.”

Abortion workers witness the horror of abortion firsthand. When hired, many abortion workers believe the propaganda they’ve heard which says abortion is beneficial to woman and preborn babies are just “tissue.” But for some workers at abortion facilities, seeing an aborted baby was enough to send them out the door of the facility, never to return.

Abby Johnson is the founder of the group And Then There Were None which helps abortion workers leave the abortion industry. In her book, The Walls Are Talking: Former Abortion Clinic Workers Tell Their Stories, some of these abortion workers told their stories.

She Ran Out When She Saw the Baby

In one story, covered by Live Action News, an abortion worker described how one of her co-workers ran out of the abortion facility after seeing an aborted baby for the first time.

The worker telling the story says that her co-worker had been working at the facility for five years, but had never seen an aborted baby. In the facility, only certain workers worked in the POC room (i.e. the ‘products of conception” room, where the aborted babies were taken.) This worker had been counseling women.

But one day, the abortion facility director asked the abortion counselor to put together the broken body of a second trimester aborted baby. When a baby is aborted by the D&E procedure (the most common second trimester method), he is torn apart with forceps. Then, an abortion worker has to count the severed limbs and body parts to make sure the whole baby has been extracted from his mother. Any pieces left behind can cause a life-threatening infection for the mother.

Here is what happened when the counselor was sent into the POC room:

When she was tasked to piece together the remains of a 16 week old baby, she cracked. Over her years of employment with the clinic, that woman had undoubtedly sold countless abortions to women in crisis. She knew how to answer their questions. “Will my baby feel anything?” “What does it look like now?” “Will it hurt?” She had spent years in the abortion industry, but a few short seconds in the POC lab was all it took to send her flying out the door, never to return.

One can only imagine this abortion worker’s shock and horror. She had talked so many women into having abortions, but had never seen the aftermath of one. When she did, she ran away. She now has to bear the burden of knowing she helped sentence babies to violent deaths like these.

Here is the foot of a preborn baby at 16 weeks:

Foot of baby aborted at 16 weeks. From Citizens for a Pro-Life Society

Foot of a baby aborted at 16 weeks. From Citizens for a Pro-Life Society

She Saw It Wasn’t Just “Tissue”

In another case, a would-be abortionist witnessed a second trimester abortion for the first time.  She had been planning to commit abortions herself, but when she witnessed the actual procedure, she had to leave the room.

She says:

Seeing an arm being pulled through the vaginal canal was shocking. One of the nurses in the room escorted me out when the colour left my face… Not only was it a visceral shock; this was something I had to think deeply about… Confronting a 21-week fetus is very different….the reality is, this cannot be called ‘tissue’. It was not something I could be comfortable with.

This 21-week-old baby was only two weeks shy of being able to live on her own outside her mother.

The baby pictured below was 20 weeks when he or she was aborted — a week younger than the baby the abortionist saw come out of her mother in pieces.

20 week baby. From Citizens for a Pro-Life Society

20 week baby. From Citizens for a Pro-Life Society

She Only Lasted One Day

One Planned Parenthood employee, named Hope, quit immediately after seeing an abortion. She was hired not to assist in committing abortions, but to translate words into sign language for deaf women who came in as patients. She only lasted one day. Hope was asked to attend an abortion procedure, where she would be interpreting for the patient. She describes what happened when the procedure began:

I tried to remain calm. I interpreted back and forth, but when the murder began, I lost it. As I watched the doctor pull this life out, limb by limb, I couldn’t help but let the tears start to fall. What I had thought would be just lumps of blood clots were body parts. Arms, a torso, legs, and a head. I felt as if I was suffocating. As soon as it was over, I ran from the room. I collapsed in the hallway and sobbed uncontrollably. To this day, I haven’t cried like that since. A security guard rushed me into his office. I realize now that it was probably not to console me, but because I was scaring the patients.

I quit my job that afternoon. I went into the manager’s office and signed my papers. Abortion was not a strong enough word for what I had witnessed. Murder wasn’t even good enough a word. To me, murder implied that the person might have been capable of fighting back. No, this was a slaughter.

Hope would never be the same.

Remains of a baby aborted by D&E. From Citizens for a Pro-Life Society

Remains of a baby aborted by D&E. From Citizens for a Pro-Life Society

What the Nurse Saw

Nurse Brenda Pratt-Shafer worked as a nurse in a late term abortion facility for only three days. What she saw there would drive her to quit. It would also have such a traumatic effect on her that she experienced emotional trauma for years. Many years later, she wrote a book about her experiences, called “What the Nurse Saw,” released in 2016.

Pratt-Shafer witnessed several abortions before leaving, never to come back. One was a partial birth abortion, a type of abortion that was banned federally in 2003. But she also witnessed D&E abortions, which are still commonly done today.

First, Pratt-Shafer explained, the abortionist used suction to remove the amniotic fluid. Then he dismembered the child:

Grasping forceps with rows of sharp teeth were inserted into the uterus to clamp down on the fetal parts…

Guided by ultrasound, the abortionist grabbed one of the fetal legs with his forceps. He clamped down hard and with a twisting and tearing motion, ripped the leg from the little body. He brought it out and threw it in the pan beside me. I stood in horror, as I looked at that little leg in the pan with perfectly formed toes! I had never seen such a small human body part….

The next time he went in, he tore off an arm with hands and little fingers! I could see the fetus on the ultrasound screen trying to get away from the forceps! Then I no longer saw the heartbeat on the ultrasound screen….

He continued to do this until he had all the extremities out and placed in the pan. He then snapped the fetal spine with the forceps. Reaching in again and again, he brought out the other pieces of the fetus/baby. Sometimes I could see the intestines or other internal organs as he brought them out and threw them in the pan.

Pratt-Shafer then witnessed the abortionist reach in with his forceps to grab the baby’s decapitated head, which he crushed and removed.

To read more of her testimony, go here.

She Removed the Babies

Nurse Bonnie L. McClory was an obstetric technician in the Labor and Delivery unit of what she calls a “large metropolitan hospital.” She was pursuing a nursing degree.

One of her jobs was to remove the babies aborted by saline from the beds of their mothers and dispose of them. Saline abortions are very rarely committed today because they were dangerous to women and resulted in many babies being born alive. They were done by injecting a caustic saline solution into the womb to poison and kill the baby. Then, the mother would go into labor and deliver her sometimes dead child.

McClory explains how she rationalized her job:

None of my OB Tech colleagues like this part of the job. I heard them rationalize it, though, as a woman’s right to choose. But it broke my heart, every time the doctor handed me a basin with a small, perfectly formed human baby lying dead and bloody inside it. I forced myself to rationalize that I had done nothing to bring about this death; I was merely cleaning up the aftereffects. That way, I could live with myself.

One day, McClory was at the bedside of a teenage girl. The girl was further along in her pregnancy than any of the other women had been.

Before I had time to introduce myself, much less take her vital signs, it was obvious she was about to deliver. I hit the call button to summon help, opened the birth kit, donned my sterile gloves and proceeded to deliver a nearly 4-pound dead baby girl, about 15 inches long, with a full head of hair. I tried to hide the little body from the patient, she saw it, and began screaming. “It’s a baby! My baby! My baby!”

McClory describes the child in detail:

She was beautiful, even in death. I gently cleaned her, patting her skin dry so it would not peel. Her silky fair hair had a slight curl to it after I washed it. She had long eyelashes, high cheekbones, and a tiny cleft in her chin. Her fingers were long and delicate, tiny nails dotting their ends.

It was her job to bring the baby to the morgue. McClory was so distraught at seeing such a developed baby that she quietly baptized the child. Then she turned in her resignation. The baby was eight months old.

Baby aborted by saline method. From Citizens for a Pro-Life Society.

Baby aborted by saline method. From Citizens for a Pro-Life Society.

She Saw the Tiny Fingers and Toes

Former Planned Parenthood worker Merilida Aguilar remembers the day she saw an aborted baby for the first time:

That Saturday, my coworker called me to go look at what she was seeing in a container the doctor had just left on the counter after he was done with an abortion procedure. With horror she kept repeating, “We are going to go to hell—Meri, come and see what is in here!”

I turned and started walking towards her, wondering what she was talking about. When I got closer to look inside, to my disbelief I saw tiny little arms with the hands attached intact. I could see the tiny fingers and legs with tiny feet and toes floating in blood and solution. We just stood there without saying a word.

…. After that day, things changed and I was not able to continue to do what I was doing. I finally knew for certain that abortions were never performed on a blob of tissue, as they want the world to believe, but a real person.

Tiny legs of a baby aborted at just 8 weeks. From Citizens for a Pro-Life Society

Tiny legs of a baby aborted at just 8 weeks. From Citizens for a Pro-Life Society

All of these women witnessed the horror of abortion firsthand. They were so horrified by what they witnessed that they knew immediately they could no longer be a part of the abortion industry.

Sadly, many more abortion workers harden their hearts and silence their consciences. All too many of them get used for the brutal tasks required of them in the abortion industry. For help leaving the abortion industry, you can go here.

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