Sidewalk counselors threatened with gun at Illinois Planned Parenthood, suspect arrested

Sidewalk counselors threatened with gun at Illinois Planned Parenthood, suspect arrested

A man escorting a woman into Planned Parenthood in Aurora, Illinois, was arrested when he pulled a gun on abortion opponents this weekend.

Abortion abolitionist Troy Buccini called out to the couple for the life of their unborn child. In a video of the encounter, Buccini documents how the man entering Planned Parenthood pulled out a gun, pointed it at him, and then walked into the abortion clinic. This did not stop Buccini, who continued to plead with the couple to keep their child and leave the abortion clinic:

Buccini told Live Action News, “One of the pro-lifers called police. He was arrested and the baby was spared for that day, at least.”

The Chicago Tribune reports that “Clinton Ratney, 21, of Indiana, was charged with misdemeanor unlawful use of a weapon and disorderly conduct at the facility.” Ratney was found to have a loaded handgun in his possession, along with fifteen additional rounds of ammunition. He holds an Indiana concealed carry license.

There have been two gun incidents outside abortion clinics in the past few months where abolitionist and pro-life sidewalk counselors have been threatened.

In July, police in Bristol, Tennessee, arrested Derrick Doss outside the Bristol Women’s Clinic abortion clinic after he brandished a gun at pro-life demonstrators while walking into clinic with his girlfriend. In another incident, however, police in North Carolina refused to arrest a man who threatened abortion abolitionists with a weapon.

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