Beware: 'Shout Your Abortion' activist plans to write a children's book next

Beware: ‘Shout Your Abortion’ activist plans to write a children’s book next

Shout Your Abortion Kids Meet

The activist known for kicking off the “Shout Your Abortion” campaign, Amelia Bonow, recently made headlines for appearing in a video titled “Kids Meet Someone Who’s Had an Abortion,” in which she dispensed pro-abortion propaganda to children. She pushed back when one child said that abortion can be wrong under some circumstances, and that there should be some restrictions — even though this is the position the majority of Americans hold. Bonow seemed excited at the prospect of pushing children to accept abortion — so it’s not entirely surprising to learn that her next goal is publishing a children’s book.

Shortly after her video premiered, Bonow tweeted her excitement — and her plans.

She also gleefully tweeted about the reaction her video received, writing, “Huge thanks to the anti-choice mob for sharing widely & exposing tens of thousands of conservative women who’ve had abortions to the fresh, seductive idea that they don’t have to hate themselves.” Of course, it is the pro-life movement that works to help post-abortive women because pro-lifers don’t want them to spend the rest of their lives feeling self-hatred, guilt, and regret — Bonow and the pro-abortion extremists don’t seem to care at all how women feel after having an abortion, as women who have been there themselves have testified. Once they’ve gone through with the procedure, the abortion industry is done with them.

Bonow has already published a “Shout Your Abortion” book, but her plan to continue spreading her fanaticism towards children should show just how extreme her views truly are. Her movement revolves around destigmatizing killing one’s own preborn child and turning it into a positive, happy thing; but the reality is, this isn’t the experience most women have. It’s disturbing when pro-abortion activists like Bonow attempt to force this kind of extremism onto children.

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This isn’t the first children’s book that abortion advocates have written for children, although it may be the first one published traditionally. In 2015, Mary Walling Blackburn put out a free e-book in which parents choose to abort a preborn child, and the surviving sibling is told that she is a “happy ghost.” Depravity seems to know no bounds.

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