How Planned Parenthood encourages secret abortions on our children

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We know that this commonly happens all across the country, but it is nice to see these disgusting tactics of abortion giants like Planned Parenthood being shown to the public:

It also appears that there was nothing done illegally, which means that parents in the 15 states with similar laws, are truly powerless to stop this situation from happening to their family.

When young people deal with drugs, eating problems, health problems, alcohol, school, and other challenges, parents  and children are encouraged to talk and work together. Sadly though, when it comes to pregnancy and abortion, groups like Planned Parenthood have injected themselves into the family and  have no problem performing surgical abortions before family members even have the opportunity to talk.

In this case, not only did Planned Parenthood willingly provide a secret abortion, they encouraged it by reportedly telling the young girl that her abortion would be free if she didn’t tell her parents. It’s pretty clear, Planned Parenthood has an agenda.

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