Scandals abound at UK abortion chain: ‘When I told them I didn’t want the abortion, they accused me of wasting their time’

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Last year, United Kingdom abortion provider Marie Stopes was racked with scandal. The Care Quality Commission made several routine, unannounced inspections of their facilities, and the reports were shocking. What inspectors found was so bad, Marie Stopes was temporarily forbidden from performing abortions… and now, people are calling for the abortion chain to be stripped of its license to perform abortions permanently.

Marie Stopes facilities were found to have untrained staff, unable to safely administer anesthesia or sedation safely. It was also discovered that vulnerable women were being coerced into abortions, including at least one woman with learning disabilities who did not understand what was happening. Inspectors watched as she became more and more “visibly distressed” as staffers tried to force her to have an abortion, and eventually stepped in to put a stop to the coercion. Staffers were also caught “bulk signing” consent forms, without meeting patients or learning their circumstances. The purpose of these forms is to ensure that women are not being pressured or forced into having abortions, but the Marie Stopes staffers evidently did not care. It was also found that staffers would approve abortions based solely on telephone conversations, but would list different reasons for the abortions than the reasons given to them over the phone.

There were also issues with patient safety, as surgical instruments were not being properly sanitized. At a facility in Norwich, “multiple surgical termination products were left in a single open hazardous waste bin in a sluice room next to theatres for the whole day.” Bodies of aborted babies were also thrown into an open trash can, which was not emptied between patients. Several facilities were also found to have issues with infection control and with following surgery checklists. There had also been hundreds of botched abortions in just two short months, with multiple women having to visit hospital emergency rooms. While these sorts of injuries are not widely publicized, abortion carries with it a host of risks for women. Former abortionist Dr. Anthony Levatino explains some of these risks in the video below, explaining a common 2nd trimester abortion procedure, the D&E:

Other women later came forward to say that the findings of the surprise inspections lined up with their own experiences. “I saw several nurses and explained my situation. I felt like they wanted me to have an abortion. The place was chock-a-block with people. It is all about money. They are not counselling people properly,” one woman said. “It was like a conveyor belt. Some (women) were really upset, they were crying but there was no support for them. It was one in, and literally five minutes later, another one in. They were doing it so quickly.”

After visiting the facility seven times, the woman decided that she could not go through with the abortion, seemingly causing the staffers to become angry. “When I told them I didn’t want the abortion they accused me of wasting their time,” she said. “I was ushered out of the door half-dressed and in tears.”

If all of this sounds familiar, perhaps it’s because many of these horrible conditions are almost identical to reports about the largest abortion chain in the United States: Planned Parenthood. Former workers at the abortion business say the organization has abortion goals, or quotas, that they want centers to meet, even offering incentives and rewards to employees. Former Planned Parenthood employees also say that the organization “treated women like cattle,” rushing them through their appointments:

After the horrific UK abortion facility inspections, the Care Quality Commission said they would not hesitate to protect women if necessary. “At all times, our priority is to ensure that patients get safe, high-quality and compassionate care. We believe that the action taken is appropriate to address our concerns,” CQC Deputy Chief Inspector of Hospitals Edward Baker said. “We will continue to monitor these services very closely and we will not hesitate to take further action, if needed.”

Now, a petition has been launched calling for Marie Stopes International to have its license to perform abortions stripped permanently in the United Kingdom. “In view of their appalling treatment of women, and recognising that every abortion takes the life of an unborn baby, Life and SPUC call on the Secretary of State for Health to withdraw from MSI their licence to carry out abortions,” the petition reads. “Please sign the petition and make your voice heard! You can also download copies of the petition below, to print out and distribute in your local area.”

So far, the petition has garnered over 15,000 signatures.

Marie Stopes also collects £35 million ($45 million) of taxpayer dollars from the National Health Service. But as these inspections show, this is not an organization concerned with the safety or well-being of women. Like its counterpart in the United States — Planned Parenthood — Marie Stopes should not be collecting UK taxpayer dollars or be permitted to continue butchering and maiming women.

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