Rewire writer calls for “abortion renaissance” with no restrictions

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In the wake of their latest ill-gotten gains at the Supreme Court, former Abortion Care Network director Charlotte Taft at Rewire calls for pro-aborts to use the abortion industry’s victory as a springboard from which to bring about—this is a direct quote from the title, I swear—“an abortion renaissance.”

Yes, because the abortion-on-demand cause didn’t quite seem like enough of a cult already, and there still might be one or two people still under the impression that pro-aborts consider abortion a necessary evil rather than a positive good.

The drivel to follow takes as a given the majority’s correctness in striking down medical regulations for abortion facilities, so before we begin it’s worth reminding readers that the ruling that leaves Taft “overcome with joy” actually perverted the Constitution to usurp the states’ rightful discretion, relied on long-disproven lies, disregarded broad medical consensus, drew irrational conclusions about the law’s effect, and ignored the plaintiff’s own long record of egregious negligence toward women’s health and safety.

She gushes that with TRAP laws out of the way, “we can apply our energy and creativity fully to the work we love and the people we serve.” Yes, because “love and serve” are the first things that come to mind when one reads Whole Woman’s Health’s rap sheet. She calls for “access to all kinds of health care for all people”…yet expects it to happen by killing the youngest people.

And then things get extreme.

[I]t is time to say goodbye to the many politically motivated regulations that have been passed. These include waiting periods, medically inaccurate state-mandated counseling, bans on telemedicine, and mandated ultrasounds, along with the admitting privileges and ambulatory surgical center requirements declared unconstitutional by the Court.

Clearly 20-week bans don’t pass the undue burden test, imposed by the Court under Planned Parenthood v. Casey, because they take place before viability and abortion at 20 weeks is safer than childbirth. The federal Hyde Amendment, a restriction on Medicaid coverage of abortion, obviously represents an undue burden because it places additional risk on poor women who can’t access care as early as women with resources.

In other words, the “abortion renaissance” requires dropping any pretense of believing in any constitutional or democratic principle limiting how to go about getting what they want; the mere fact that they want it suffices to begin and end the discussion. “Undue burden” is to be the new set of magic words that disregards what the Constitution actually says or what voters and their elected representatives decide. Separation of powers, federalism, and even democracy itself must be sacrificed to the new god of abortionism.


Oh, and that’s not all. Taft doesn’t just want to abuse the law to get whatever she wants; she even calls on the abortion industry to “simply ignore regulations like these,” dementedly likening an industry of rogue child-killers to “the man who stood in front of moving tanks in Tiananmen Square. I am yearning for all the ways to stand in front of those tanks, both legal and extralegal.”

Sorry, but advocates of prenatal execution have more in common with the people who ordered the tanks to open fire than they do with the people who stood up to them.

There are more than 3,000 fake clinics [not fake—CF] in this country, many of them supported by tax dollars. Surely we can find a way to make actual services as widely available to people who need them. Of course many areas couldn’t support a clinic, but we can find ways to create satellite or even mobile clinics using telemedicine to serve women in rural areas. We can use technology to check in with patients during medication abortions, and we can provide ways to simplify after-care and empower women to be partners with us in their care.

“Simplify” in this case being code for “making abortions easier and therefore more profitable for us, never mind the heightened risk to women”…

Taft later moves to ways of “transform[ing] the conversation about abortion,” including the popular “fight abortion stigma with personal stories” theory that so many abortion activists bitterly cling to despite failing over and over again, but of particular interest was this bit:

Anti-choice contends that there have been approximately 58,586,256 abortions in this country since 1973. That means that 58,586,256 men have been personally involved in abortion, and the friends and family members of at least 58,586,256 people having abortions have been too. So more than 180 million Americans have had a personal experience with abortion. There is no way a small cadre of bitter men with gory signs could stand up to all of them.

That’s over 180 million Americans…across more than four decades, not 180 million who are all alive, active, and believing the exact same things in the present day. In the present day, more than half of the United States’ 320+ million population opposes abortion-on-demand, with millions upon millions of men and women standing against the less than half of the country that sides with Taft.

If she and her ilk really believed we were just “a small cadre of bitter men,” then they would actually trust elections to go their way, rather than insulating their cause through the courts.

Taft closes with a toast of sorts to the abortion industry. But while it’s surely meant to be inspiring for her fellow cultists, it’s actually so twisted and self-unaware that I’m going to close this piece without commenting on it at all, save for emphasizing the last line, and let its message about what abortion really is speak for itself:

At this clinic we do sacred work
That honors women
And the circle of life and death.

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