Planned Parenthood website: abortion is “essential women’s health care”

The following is from Planned Parenthood’s new campaign, “Women are Watching,” which essentially calls on citizens to vote for pro-abortion candidates in upcoming elections.

“Planned Parenthood believes every woman should have access to the full range of reproductive health care services, including access to safe abortion care.”

If Planned Parenthood is truly concerned that women should have access to a “full range” of services regarding their reproductive health, why is it that only 8% of their facilities provide prenatal care, compared to the nearly 40% that perform abortions?  How is this living up to the “parenthood” aspect of their name in any way?

“…[W]omen facing an unintended pregnancy must have access to safe, legal abortion care.”

Naturally, Planned Parenthood perpetuates their abortion-first mentality. Women facing unintended pregnancies must have access to life-affirming assistance if it is needed so they don’t feel the pressure to succumb to an abortion, but considering over one-third of Planned Parenthood’s clinic revenue comes from abortion, and nearly fifteen percent of their overall billion-dollar annual revenue is from the procedure, it makes sense they’d jump straight to promoting the most lucrative aspect of their business first.

“Deciding whether to end a pregnancy is a personal and private decision, and should be made by a woman in consultation with her family and doctor — not by politicians.”

This argument holds as much ground as “deciding whether to rape women is a personal and private decision.”  No one has the right to take the life of an innocent human being.  Period.  It’s simple, actually: science proves that a human being’s life begins at conception.  Abortion is the deliberate act of killing a human being.  Therefore, it shouldn’t be tolerated, even if Planned Parenthood says it’s “personal and private.”

“Some of the unprecedented attacks on women’s access to safe abortion care include:

Mandatory ultrasounds before women can get an abortion— even on victims of rape. Some policies additionally require physicians to force a woman to view the ultrasound, and deliver politically motivated statements to the woman, even if she declines to view or listen to them.”

Heaven forbid a woman has all the facts regarding what abortion will do to that “clump of cells” within her body.  No one objects to showing patients x-rays of their teeth before a wisdom tooth removal.  No one objects to showing patients photos of their broken bones before corrective surgery is performed.  Why is the abortion industry so adamantly against showing a woman a photo of what will be removed from her womb during an abortion?  Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that women will realize the “blob of tissue” in their uterus is actually a living, growing human being—and they’ll be more inclined to choose life for their baby instead, and Planned Parenthood will lose money.

“Mandatory waiting periods of up to 72 hours prior to an abortion, after a woman’s initial consultation with her doctor and a requirement to attend biased counseling from an unlicensed, unaccredited, and unregulated “crisis pregnancy center.”

Planned Parenthood SignThe majority of women feel pressured, forced, or coerced into aborting.  Most also felt rushed to make a decision.  The 72 hour window between receiving abortion consultation and the procedure itself gives women just that much longer to really think about and consider what they are planning to undergo.  The information women receive from pregnancy resources regard free assistance and alternatives to abortion (like material items, financial help, parenting classes, and legal aid) and information about her developing baby.  Of course Planned Parenthood wants to keep women away from these resource centers.  When women feel they truly have other options, they tend to choose life over abortion.

“Banning private insurance coverage of abortion care, and in turn taking away the comprehensive insurance coverage most women currently have.”

“Abortion care.”  Just another way that Planned Parenthood tries to sugar-coat the reprehensible operation that tears a defenseless child to pieces and brutally sucks him or her out of a mother’s womb.  No act of killing should be funded in any way, shape or form.  Insurance policies should be upheld to improve and protect life, not end it.

“Access to abortion care is essential women’s health care – constitutionally protected, and consistently supported by a majority of Americans; yet anti-choice policymakers have made it increasingly hard for women to access needed care.”

According to the Alan Guttmacher Institute, which was founded as a division of Planned Parenthood said that 93% of abortions are performed for social reasons—having a child is an inconvenience, or a woman doesn’t feel ready for a child.  Rarely is it about a health problem, so abortion is in no way “essential” to health care.  Nor is it at all constitutionally protected— in legalizing abortion, the Supreme Court “simply fashions and announces a new constitutional right for pregnant mothers” to kill their children and that the right to abortion was found in the “penumbras” (the “shadows”) of the Constitution.  In other words, the so-called right to abortion is not a constitutional right, and it is certainly not supported by the majority of Americans.  Just the opposite, actually.

Planned Parenthood can come up with these colorful campaigns to try and distort the majority of Americans’ views on abortion.  Although they claim “women are watching,” it would behoove them to realize that America is watching, and I don’t think they like what they’re seeing.

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