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Reported induced abortions in Wisconsin continue to decrease

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services recently released their report on induced abortions in the state of Wisconsin, complete with statistics from 2012. The report shows that the number of induced abortions in Wisconsin continues to decrease.

holding-baby-infantThe report goes back to 1977, where 16,133 abortions were preformed in Wisconsin.  For every 100 live births that occurred that year, 24 children were aborted. Abortion numbers in Wisconsin continued to climb for the next few years and peaked at 21,754 in 1980. Since that year, the numbers have been steadily declining:

1985 – 17,309
1990 – 16,848
1995 – 12,782
2000 – 11,040
2005 – 9,817

This brings us to 2012, where 6,927 induced abortions were reported. For every 100 live births, 10 children were aborted. The report states that the most recent national ratio (2009) was 23 abortions for 100 live births, putting Wisconsin well below the national average.

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