Undercover report: Nurse in Texas may be committing illegal abortions

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Abortion Free New Mexico has released a report which claims that a nurse at Hilltop’s Reproductive Clinic in Texas has been committing chemical abortions in violation of Texas state law.

According to the law in Texas, only licensed physicians are allowed to commit abortions, including the administering of the abortion pill. However, during an undercover call to the Hilltop abortion facility in El Paso, Abortion Free New Mexico discovered that the clinic manager and nurse, Gloria Martinez, has been administering the abortion pill. The undercover call can be heard in the clip below.


Caller: “…But definitely then on Monday I’d be able to see Ms. Martinez? She could give me the pills and that’s fine, right?”

Hilltop: “Yes.” […]

Caller: “Now if I did need to have a followup surgical procedure, could she do that for me as well?”

Hilltop: “…that would be done by Dr. Theard?”

Caller: “Okay. So she only administers the abortion pill?”

Hilltop: “Yes, ma’am.”

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The caller is instructed that the abortion pill will cost $550 and that Martinez is able to give that to her. Texas Health and Safety Code Sec. 171.003 states “An abortion may be performed only by a physician licensed to practice medicine in this state.” Furthermore, Sec 171.063 (1) says “the person who gives, sells, dispenses, administers, provides, or prescribes the abortion-inducing drug is a physician.”

Tara Shaver of Abortion Free New Mexico said her organization has submitted a complaint to the Attorney General of Texas and the Texas Nursing Board. Last year, the pro-life group also filed a complaint against Hilltop’s facility in Santa Theresa, New Mexico, for not having the proper equipment to comply with FDA regulations. Those regulations require the use of equipment to check for and diagnose ectopic pregnancies before administering the abortion pill. Taking the abortion pill with an ectopic pregnancy can have deadly consequences for the mother.

To date, there have been 24 known deaths of women due to the abortion pill.

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