Radio host boasts about paying $45,000 for abortions



A well-known radio host said he’s glad he spent thousands of dollars on abortions for his girlfriends – instead of getting stuck with thousands of dollars in child support.

Troi Torain, the radio personality known as Star, disclosed his abortion behavior in response to questions about NBA basketball player J.J. Redick. Redick, who plays for the Los Angeles Clippers, allegedly made his girlfriend sign an abortion contract while they were dating.

Star said Redick “sounds like a smart man” for making an abortion contract with his former girlfriend, Vanessa Lopez.

“I’ve spent at least $45,000 on abortions,” Star said.

The interviewer asked Star, “How much is an abortion?”

Star said, “Well, it depends. If you take a female to a clinic, as opposed to a private doctor, it could vary between $1,200.”

“If you put $45,000 on the table in abortions, as opposed to 18 years, is what you’re paying for, you know, a little f***ing rugrat, and possibly $600,000.”

He concluded, “I think I’ve come out all right.”

When asked if he would do the same as Redick by signing an abortion contract, Star said, “Sure. Absolutely.”

The interviewer asked, “You’d have abortion contracts and everything? Kill them off?”

“Absolutely,” Star responded.

Star joins Redick as another real life bro-choicer. The bro-choice movement is a group of men who are pro-abortion for their own personal gain – to use and abuse women.

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