Quote of the day: Roe v. Wade is not liberation for women, it is "defeat"

Quote of the day: Roe v. Wade is not liberation for women, it is “defeat”

pregnant girlRoe v. Wade was not our liberation, it was our defeat. It was when we stopped fighting the idea of a male default, when we stopped saying “we’re different but not inferior.”…

To celebrate abortion is to agree with the archaic view of women as inherently flawed. It is to admit that our amazing ability to sustain a new life forecloses the possibility of being equal. Mary Catherine Wilcox explains: “To say that in order to be equal with men it must be possible for a pregnant woman to become un-pregnant at will is to say that being a woman precludes her from being a fully functioning person.”

There are real problems in this society that need to be solved, but the female body and its ability to sustain a new life that has already come into existence is not one of them. We must stop dealing in this archaic thinking: the idea that women are inherently flawed because they get pregnant and men don’t….

We cannot accept that to remain equal to men, we “need” to rid our bodies of new human beings. We are not liberated until both sexes are fully accepted as they are.

~ Sean Cahill, Secular Pro-Life, October 13

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