Quote of the day: Any “good” Planned Parenthood does doesn’t matter

Planned-Parenthood-logoEvery time we get sucked into one of these arguments — Does Planned Parenthood sell body parts? Does Planned Parenthood do good things besides abortion? Is abortion really 3 percent of Planned Parenthood’s business? — we automatically lose because we’ve steered the conversation away from the only argument that matters or makes a difference. We adopt the pro-abortion premise by tacitly agreeing that the answers to these questions could make abortion more or less acceptable.

Abortion is a ghoulish atrocity. That’s our point. That’s our only point. Any company that murders children for profit should be shutdown and their buildings subsequently leveled. Any person who justifies abortion or defends any company that performs abortion should bow before God and beg for mercy. Abortion is wrong in every context, in every situation, no matter what you do with the baby’s body afterward, no matter what other “services” an abortion company provides, no matter anything.

Abortion is the subject here. Not birth control. Not mammograms. Not “fetal tissue” sale. Abortion. That’s what we should be talking about. The moment we allow the abortion conversation to be about anything other than abortion, we lose.

~ Blogger Matt Walsh, The Blaze, October 20

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