Quote of the day: Planned Parenthood says protection important, but STD ‘no big deal’

This ridiculous tweet was followed by a link to an article saying things like, “you’ll probably need to shift the way you think about STIs. And when you do, you’ll realize that life will go on. You can still date, you can still have sex, and you can still be healthy….”

… [I]t is interesting that a “healthcare” organization that promotes contraception for STD protection also feels the need to say that STDs are no big deal. If they’re no big deal and we can go on normal with them than [sic] why do we need to spend all that money on those effective STD prevention methods? If their supporters are listening to them then they are using protection, but if it’s no big deal than [sic] why do they need to be protected from it?

~ Jamie Jeffries, ProLife Wife blog, December 28, 2016

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