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Proof Canadian pro-aborts don’t understand the right to life

Today I was looking through the latest agenda driven report released by the radically pro-abortion “Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada” and I didn’t even get through the first page before I found this fun little graphic:

Is Canada’s leading pro-abortion rights group really this intellectually backwards that they have to purposely  misrepresent their opponents to make their point? Right to life advocates support the right to life for all humans. Period. Including women! Yes, pro-aborts, you read that right. It is rather the pro-abortion lobby that would defend the killing of an innocent and defenseless unborn girl- and in Canada, this includes backing the use of partial-birth abortion. For those that don’t know what partial-birth abortion is, the medical diagram below shows its horror:

Partial Birth Abortion Diagram(And yes, the baby is all the way delivered except for his or her head.)

An accurate pro-life sign would look like this:

An accurate abortion backer sign would look like this:

Then again, some right to life foes support the killing of born children too.

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