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Pro-lifer gives “Precious Feet” pin to pregnant woman, saves her preborn baby

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The February 2013 California Right to Life’s newsletter had a story from a pro-life activist named Ray in Springfield, Missouri.

100gilThe story was about a pro-lifer who used a Precious Feet pin to teach a pregnant woman she knew about fetal development. The pregnant woman, who had an abortion scheduled, changed her mind and went on to have her baby.

Precious Feet pins depict the feet of a ten week old preborn baby. They are cast in actual size. The tiny, perfectly formed feet complete with toes reveal the humanity of the child even at this young age. For many generations, some pro-lifers have worn these pins in public, using them to start conversations about abortion and fetal development. The pins are a visual representation that makes the normally unseen preborn baby seem real and tangible.

The newsletter tells the full story:

Recently one of our friends gave a pair of Precious Feet to a pregnant, unmarried girl she knew… An abortion was being planned and the girl was receiving pressure to carry out those plans.

After seeing the feet she couldn’t believe them. The usual, ‘This can’t be true,’ and, ‘I don’t believe it,’ led to further research and examination of just what would be happening if the abortion were carried out. In other words – a life was saved!

Pro-lifers should not be afraid to reach out pregnant friends and family members. They may save a life. Remember, if you are speaking to a woman about their baby and encouraging her to choose life, you are an ambassador for the pro-life cause. Always be respectful, honest, and kind. Remember that the safety, health, and well-being of the mother is just as important as that of the child.

A preborn baby develops in secret. The child is unseen, and it is easy for those supporting abortion to dehumanize him or her. But when people learn how the child looks and reacts to her environment, they sometimes reconsider their views on abortion. An excellent site on fetal development is The Endowment For Human Development, which is an educational site not affiliated with the pro-life movement. Pro-lifers should encourage those considering abortions to visit the site and be educated about preborn life.


Dr. Bernard Nathanson, a former abortionist who became pro-life after the development of ultrasound, often said that abortion would not be so common “if wombs had windows.” With advances in technology allowing fetal imaging in greater and greater clarity, the availability of pro-life products and visual aids, and the ready accessibility of the internet, these “windows” can be opened.

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