What does my wedding day have to do with the Planned Parenthood videos?

Yesterday, the Center for Medical Progress released a seventh undercover exposé about Planned Parenthood.

It is truly nauseating. But you need to watch it. And you need to let it change your life. Let me tell you why these videos are changing mine.

When many people get married, they are at an emotional pinnacle. The passion and excitement of the engagement and wedding combine to produce an intense connection to your spouse.

It’s easy to think these feelings will never go away. That you will live the rest of your life at this heightened emotional state of ecstasy and bliss.

But after the first few weeks, the excitement of your wedding ceremony and honeymoon can begin to fade. As you go on in your life together, the distractions, annoyances, and daily pressures of life can conspire to rob you of your inward feelings and outward expressions of love for your husband or wife.

If you want to stay married, and if you want to have a good marriage, you cannot rely on these feelings alone. You must make a promise, to yourself and to your spouse, that you will do whatever it takes to maintain the same level of commitment you had on your wedding day.

Your feelings and expressions of love may change. From day to day, year to year, season to season, they will undoubtably ebb and flow.

However, they must never stop.

You will not always feel the way you did when you first walked down the aisle, but your COMMITMENT must be unwavering. Resolute. Steadfast.

In a way, this mirrors my approach to these Planned Parenthood videos. They are so deeply moving. So catastrophic. Each one is a new milestone. Each one is horrific.

These last few weeks have almost felt like the psychological inverse of getting married. If weddings are an emotional Mt. Everest, these videos feel close to the Mariana Trench.

But this is good news!

Right now, people are HEARTBROKEN. And they are ANGRY. These Planned Parenthood videos could be a tipping point for thousands of people in the fight to end abortion.

We need to recognize that these feelings may come and go. Society’s expressions of outrage may wax and wane, and the emotional impact of these videos may waver for those who have seen them.

But you and I CANNOT waver.

We CANNOT allow the inevitable fatigue to become apathy.

We must ask people to COMMIT to join us in this struggle for human rights. Whatever it takes, you and I must highly resolve to end these barbaric and violations of human dignity.

These precious unborn human persons deserve nothing less.

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