Pro-abortion author wants abortion clinics in malls, churches, and high schools

S.E. Smith

This week, The Daily Beast featured an interview with pro-abortion author and architect Lori Brown. Gabby Bess interviewed Brown about the architecture of abortion clinics; they talked about how it is so, so sad that states like Mississippi only have one abortion clinic, and how to use architecture to “outsmart” protestors and sidewalk counselors. But perhaps most sickeningly, Brown and Bess talked about how great it would be if there were more accessible abortion clinics…in places like churches, malls, and high schools.

I think it’s so much about location and if, bear with me, I suggest that high schools—I know that in New York and California they can provide contraception and even in some schools in New York City they can provide emergency contraception—but what if abortion was accessible in high schools? What if it was accessible on military bases, where we know sexual assault is very high. What if it was available in malls because you can’t actually protest in a mall because it’s not public space, it’s private space. There are medical-type facilities already in a mall so why not have an abortion clinic in a mall? Even one of the case studies I found, which was incredible, it was called the Clergy Consultation Service in New York City, and at one point they were going to open an abortion clinic on the grounds of their church in the West Village. But then the New York State law changed and they didn’t open the clinic but they were going to have an abortion clinic on religious grounds. I just think where we locate these clinics plays a critically important role in how we access them. I know I’ll be shot down for this, but it’s more provocations of locating them in places where the demographic is seeking these services.

Why not have abortion clinics in these places? It would be super-convenient if teenage girls could get abortions right in their high school. They could go to math, get an abortion over lunch, and then go back to class without ever having to worry about notifying those pesky people known as their parents.

Or what about clinics at a mall? Shoppers could buy some cute shirts, get a mani-pedi, and then stop by a clinic for a quick round of fetal dismemberment. And hey, abortion is already a sacrament to the pro-abortion crowd, so abortion in churches makes perfect sense, too.

In all seriousness, this is a disturbing look at just how rabid abortion advocates are. Abortion for them can’t just be legal. It can’t just be available for women in dire circumstances. Abortion has to be everywhere. It has to be commonplace, and it has to be celebrated.

They insist that the decision to have an abortion is one of the most difficult ones a woman will have to make, but they then turn around and trivialize it at every turn. After all, if abortion can be trivialized, maybe people won’t get as upset about it. Right? It’s just another example of how there is literally no end to their depravity.

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