YouTube pregnancy video: From the first moment in the womb, “a tiny human thrives”

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PregnancyChat has posted a beautifully informative video on YouTube that demonstrates the journey of every baby from fertilization to birth.

The video begins by saying:

Only two cells are needed to create a baby…two cells, and a miracle.

It continues, while showing the process of fertilization:

Gently nestled and protected in a mother’s womb, a tiny human thrives.

The 4 1/2 minute video – which has been viewed nearly 1,000,000 times – is composed largely of real-life ultrasound footage of preborn babies from early in their lives until just before birth. The video includes a glorious scene with a mother and her newborn, nestled tightly in her arms for the very first time.

PregnancyChat’s mission is admirable: “to nurture you through your pregnancy and childbirth.”

And indeed, this should be the goal of us all: to nurture mothers through pregnancy as they tenderly nourish and protect their preborn children in a way that only mothers can.

For more facts, snapshots, and videos on fetal development, visit The Endowment for Human Development online.

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