Planned Parenthood’s strategic use of sex

Yes, you read that right.

Early this month, Planned Parenthood tweeted that April is “Get Yourself Tested” month. That’s a good idea, especially since the CDC is reporting that there are 19 million new STDs and that a lot of people have them – one out of four teenage girls, for example.

Although abstinence is becoming more popular, there’s still a need for STD testing. But here are a few factoids to point out about Planned Parenthood and STD testing:

Planned Parenthood’s sex education is the opposite of STD prevention. An excellent video from the American Life League summarizes the rampant sex practices not only acknowledged, but promoted by Planned Parenthood. Check out the video to get an idea of what kind of material PP considers “sex education.” Warning: This video is not appropriate for children. 

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j7XR9yH2ETk]

“Planned Parenthood tells vulnerable teens stimulating and intimate things about sex,” says the video. And this is true. From its obsession with penises and vaginas (vagina macaroons, anyone?) to children’s books that would put pedophiles in jail if they tried to share them with kids (but which are celebrated as child-friendly sex education by Planned Parenthood and schools), the organization is obsessed with propagating sex. Lest Planned Parenthood supporters write off hesitation to accept the organization’s sex education as prudish Puritanism, let’s be clear: Planed Parenthood pushes the envelope very far beyond the basics of sexual health into a realm of sex-obsession. They start by promoting masturbation — to small children — and progress to offering/encouraging the entire spectrum of both hetero- and homosexual acts.

While many parents do not protest the idea of sex education, most parents would likely be outraged to know that their hard-earned college funds were being used to expose their teens to Planned Parenthood Vox groups (their college outreach program), which greets unsuspecting students with free vibrators and “fisting” kits.

Planned Parenthood’s extreme sex education curricula is strategic, and it helps to bulk up their income. There’s a trickle-down effect in their approach: over-expose kids to sex by starting them on sex education in kindergarten (straight from the horse’s mouth) and eliminating natural childhood boundaries that may cause a child to be squeamish in the face of sexually explicit illustrations and encouragement to masturbate, until any healthy apprehension about experimenting with potentially dangerous sex acts is eliminated—and all of this thanks to school board-approved literature created by Planned Parenthood.

Successfully hooking kids, teens, and adults on sex, it is likely that they will subsequently become addicted. Studies have shown, for example, that being exposed to sexual materials by viewing pornography creates an addiction comparable to what a drug addict feels. Conditioned by Planned Parenthood to seek constant sexual gratification will prompt teens and adults alike to obtain birth control, and it will eventually lead to unsafe practices that will result in a need for constant STD testing. In many cases, these sexual practices will also lead to unplanned pregnancies. Planned Parenthood makes big bucks off the services that surround sexual promiscuity: birth control, STD testing, and abortion. See the connection? Planned Parenthood primes its clients for loyal business years before they will ever step foot in their offices.

Rita Diller, whose valuable research on Planned Parenthood sex education has spread awareness through American Life League’s STOPP program to de-fund Planned Parenthood, summarizes the effects of Planned Parenthood’s sex education:

1. Planned Parenthood’s persistent, early sex education—where almost anything goes as long as we protect ourselves from the blight of babies—has warped the understanding of the very meaning and purpose of human sexuality for an entire generation and for our society. Sex, which by nature is life-giving, is closed to the possibility of life by default.

2. The abortion giant’s constant manipulation of the very purpose and meaning of human sexuality has so twisted our society that it literally laid the groundwork for today’s abortion holocaust.

3. Women are able to actually make a decision to pay to have their own children killed because the sterile sex culture created by Planned Parenthood and its cohorts has completely permeated the minds, hearts, and souls of a large portion of this generation.

Perhaps Planned Parenthood’s false pretense of providing “care” and “help” to sexually compromised clients would be slightly believable if the organization didn’t focus gargantuan efforts on hooking unsuspecting children, teens, and adults on sex. As it stands, Planned Parenthood is responsible for essentially hosting the largest and most well-masked orgy in the nation on a daily basis, starting in the classrooms of our schoolchildren.

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