Planned Parenthood: Sexual violence is OK if it’s consensual

Torture. Physical violence. Abusive sex.

Live Action’s latest undercover investigation unravels Planned Parenthood’s startling sexology. Live Action’s new investigative video reveals how far the abortion-giant will go to promote questionable practices to teens, and how the organization’s rationale essentially condones any sexual activity among partners. Teenagers are not only encouraged to experiment with a slew of sexual practices, they are coached by Planned Parenthood staffers how to view pornography, obtain adult sex toys, and even defecate on each other for sexual pleasure. The organization’s sexual ideology caters dangerous and violent Fifty Shades of Grey-type BDSM relationships to youths as acceptable, “normal” practices based on personal preference.

Episode Four of Live Action’s SEXED investigative series takes place in Eden Prairie, a city in the Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area. The footage reveals an employee encouraging an investigator, who told the worker she is 15, to experiment with alarming sexual activities. The counselor coaches the girl that sexual practices, including the use of horse whips and ropes to inflict welts and bodily pain, is not sexual abuse as long as activities are consensual among partners. In addition to offering advice on where to obtain adult sex toys, the Planned Parenthood counselor exposes the organization’s corporate sexual culture.

PLANNED PARENTHOOD: I would say anything within the sexual world is normal as long as it’s consensual—

Spotlighting Planned Parenthood’s questionable sexual ethos, Episode 4 details how the organization promotes the violent bondage sex popularized by bestselling erotica novel, Fifty Shades of Grey, to inexperienced teenagers. In the exposé, the Planned Parenthood clinician suggests several sexual experiments for the girl and her boyfriend to try, including the infliction of bodily pain, welts and rope burns.

PLANNED PARENTHOOD: —um, so there are lots of things that happen in “Fifty Shades of Grey” that border on—um, I wouldn’t say “abuse,” because it’s consensual, but definitely extreme. So there are things that—

15-YEAR-OLD: Extreme?

PLANNED PARENTHOOD: —happen in “Fifty Shades of Grey” that are extreme. Now, if it’s consensual, again, completely normal. Um, uh, things that happen in “Fifty Shades of Grey” all center around pain, and your response to pain, and submission. And, um, there are lots of people in the public view that argue that that’s not a healthy relationship, and then there are people that argue that it is, and that it’s just—it’s between two people.

However, Planned Parenthood’s corporate definition of sexual normalcy ironically falls into the grey. Despite the institution’s desire to streamline Fifty Shades of Grey relationships, and the worker’s insistence that anything is “normal,” the Planned Parenthood counselor tacitly admits that violent BDSM practices are not only “extreme,” but abnormal when she questions whether the girl has been in a “normal” sexual relationship:

PLANNED PARENTHOOD: OK. OK. Um, have you—have the two of you been sexually active, like, in a normal way?

15-YEAR-OLD: Yeah, yeah, yeah.

PLANNED PARENTHOOD: In a normal relationship?
15-YEAR-OLD: Mm-hm.

PLANNED PARENTHOOD: And how long have you been sexually active with him?

15-YEAR-OLD: Um, for probably, like, about six months now.

The inadvertent admission not only exposes that Planned Parenthood staffers are unsure of what constitutes normal sexual practices, but further delves into the organization’s radical “anything goes” sexology.

The staffer also mentions that Planned Parenthood patients have visited the clinic with welts and markings as a result of violent sex games, and refers the investigator to neighborhood adult sex shops to purchase sex toys.

Backed by the Obama administration, Planned Parenthood’s heavily tax-funded sex-education programs seek to normalize sexual abuse and BDSM relationships among teenagers. The organization receives a $75 million allocation under the Affordable Care Act each year in addition to half of a billion dollars from taxpayers.

Live Action President, Lila Rose, condemns the abortion giant’s double standards and startling sex advice for underage boys and girls.

“What else could an underage girl agree to that Planned Parenthood would call ‘completely normal’?” Rose said. “Cuts?  Broken bones?  Is child sexual abuse ‘completely normal’ if the girl thinks she wants it?  Planned Parenthood has covered up the statutory rape of minors for years as well, not taking child sexual abuse seriously.  Apparently it’s ‘yes’ to everything – to depraved and dangerous behavior – as long as there’s ‘consent.'”

Live Action’s SEXED investigative series uncovers similar abuses by Planned Parenthood facilities in multiple states. In previous SEXED episodes, Planned Parenthood staffers were caught encouraging teens to experiment with BDSM, secretly view pornography without parental consent, and visit local adult sex shops to obtain ideas for various sexual practices.

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