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Planned Parenthood increases the number of abortions they perform to 33% of all abortions

If you ask any pro-abortion advocate, Planned Parenthood is a much-needed bastion of women’s health care. The extreme focus on abortions at Planned Parenthood is always underplayed, while claims are made that Planned Parenthood is all about helping women with vital things like mammograms (they don’t actually do them), cancer screenings, and pap smears. Sadly, that could not be further from the truth — and a new report from Americans United for Life makes that painfully obvious.

While abortions are declining throughout the country, at Planned Parenthood, abortions are increasing. And the reason is largely because that has been Planned Parenthood’s strategy: as the report shows, they have focused on opening abortion “mega-centers”, abortion mills that are 10,000 square feet or larger. Over the last ten years, these mega-centers have opened in 19 cities and 14 states. And each of them performs abortions. These enable the abortion behemoth to take over even more of the abortion market — while Planned Parenthood already performed the more abortions than anyone else in the country, the number has risen from 20% of all abortions to a whopping 32%, almost 1 in 3.

Meanwhile, actual health care services have been slashed.

Americans United for Life also showed earlier this year how Planned Parenthood used taxpayer funding to become the abortion giant that they are, at the expense of things like cancer screenings, prenatal care, and pap smears. Breast exams, cancer prevention, adoption referrals — those things are slowly falling by the wayside, while the number of abortions skyrocket.

What is disturbing is that the number of patients that Planned Parenthood sees has been slowly decreasing over the years, yet the number of abortions they perform is still increasing. The number of patients that Planned Parenthood sees is declining, the number of abortions being performed in the United States is declining, and somehow, Planned Parenthood is still getting more and more of the abortion market cornered, performing more and more abortions.

The abortion lobby wants you to believe that Planned Parenthood is a health care organization, but don’t be fooled. They will try to downplay their dominance of the abortion industry at every turn, but their big business today is abortion.

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